Jan. 26th, 2012 06:53 pm
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Got a bit tired of drawing Namesake, so I decided to take a Nintendo pause.


The kickstarter has reached over 5000$ (yeah, read that in Vegeta's voice, everybody), which is super AWESOME! Every time we hit a new thousand, I would post a little something on tumblr. Here's what was posted :

Namesake stuff )For those wondering, the fandom artist I mentioned yesterday is doing well and got her first appointment for her operation (aka the one where they poke around to see where they should cut and such). Yay! I'm still amazed by how generous people are, for both her and Namesake.

In completely irrelevant news, I think I might take this evening off from drawing to vacuum and do dishes. Because good god, my apartment look like crap. I love you Namesake, but you're taking over my life right now with your books and stuff.

- Isa
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So, i've been kinda ditching my artwork and seeing folks this week, mostly a group formed by the girls from the bookstore I work at. Hum, everyone is awesome? All the girls are kind, funny, creative, and we get along extremely well. We've got ideas for themed meetings and a list of movies to watch that should last us for the next two years, or something. It's turning into a fun little exchange group, since almost everyone is an artist or a writer. It's like... Ah, I dunno what it's like. Amazingawesometastic? Can that be a word? It's that fun.

I actually feel a lot better then I have for a while. I lack time, I lack health a bit, and I lack money, but I feel surrounded by great people, old friends, new friends, online friends, family, inspirations, and despite that glitches from my life I actually feel like I could cut a mountain in half with a chopstick. It's a good feeling. So, happy Isa. :D 

I think I just needed a break and more balance or something. I need to learn to relax more. Be zen with the bad in my life when it happens.

One of the girls of the group even drew this really great Namesake fanart. I mean, look at it. Doesn't it just rock?

Also, I just learned that this new "Avatar the last airbender" comic is coming out. It's basically what happens between the end of Aang's series and the beginning of Korra's. YES, PLEASE. I just want to draw Aang and Katara a million times. Yes. I think I might just do that.

- Isa
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So, I met [ profile] threeeyesworm  in person for the first time at TCAF last weekend (we were back-to-back tables, no joke). And not even a week later, he's visiting Montréal. So OBVIOUSLY we got together and started pulling the shenanigans artists always pull when they get together with pencils.

We drew. A lot. As a tandem. Basically, I drew a part of a drawing, and he did too, and then we switched, added stuff, switched again, etc. We produced a ton of drawings in a very short amount of them. And for some reason, even though our taste in movies are opposites, our imaginations seem in tune. Check it out :

LOTS more strange sketches under here!! )

I just want to ink ALL of these. Hahah!

The week ended. Thank god I can sleep in tomorrow. Urgh. Isa need sleep.

Also, some of you might recall me mentioning "Berger Blanc", a privately owned animal pound who has a contract with the city of Montréal and treats animals horribly. Today, there was a protest in front of City Hall to encourage the city to revoke the contract and to prevent privately owned pounds to cut corners by mistreating animals. Me and Link went. There's another protest on May 28th. If you are in Montréal and care about suffering animals, please join! It costs nothing. Just being there in greater numbers allows us to make a statement.

Think of the fluffy animals.

- Isa
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Sometimes I don't feel like a very nice person. I'm lucky enough to have friends that are awesome with their big hearts and inspiring with their amazing art. Yet, sometimes, I feel rather jealous of their talent and fame. And then I feel bad for feeling jealous. Go figure. I wanted to be a comic artist my whole life, and more and more, i'm seeing that 3 things are really required to make it. Talent, work and luck.

Talent is the obvious first criteria. It doesn't really need to be talent in drawing itself. I've read comics that have really moved me. The story was amazing, but the art was just okay. A good comic artist should have talent in drawing, or storytelling, or both. True talent will get noticed, and will make a lasting impression.

That's when the second criteria comes in - work. Talent is nothing without the work. If your goal is to be a comic artist, you need to a work a lot, and mostly for free for your first few years. You will work to produce pages. You will work to improve yourself. You will work to connect with other artists and readers. The amount of work needed often varies depending on the amount of talent. There's some people out there that turn everything they touch into pure sequential gold. And often, for those people, the work required to accumulate readership and interest is smaller, since the work speaks mostly for itself. But there is still work needed. Nobody likes a lazy person, and lazy artists don't produce.

The last required element is luck. You can be talented, you can work hard, but a certain amount of luck will define where the work goes. Take webcomics for example. You can have the world's greatest webcomic. You can have ads all over the internet. But you still need luck if you want people to click on it. You still need luck for another comic artist to mention you on their blog and such. Luck helps you be at the right place and time. It's like a little pat on the back the universe gives you. And the more you work, the more luck you seem to accumulate. If you network a lot, chances are you'll meet some amazing people who know other amazing people, etc, etc.

So all these elements really depend on each other.

A fourth elements I kinda want to add is confidence and/or knowledge. Which is where I think I fail.

I work hard. I'm fairly talented (I think). And i'm pretty lucky, generally (as mentionend at the top, I met some pretty incredible people. I want to hug all of you so much!). But I have very little confidence and knowledge. As in, "I don't know what i'm doing and it terrifies the crap out of me". I'm always the type of person that would have a list, or a plan. I'm terrified by how little I actually know about the comic world. And this lack of knowledge makes me very uneasy and really wrecks havoc on my self-esteem (that is, let's admit it, really small and meek to begin with!)

I wish I had a mentor, a guide or something, who owned a book titled "Sequential art and marketing for dummies".

But watcha gonna do. The best I can do is stay calm, be proud and try to learn by trial and error gradually.

I'm hoping to learn things this weekend at the TCAF. Learn things and meet people. Learn things from people. I look forward to this. Well, that and buying a pile of comics of course!

Anywho. Enough talking about insecurity and such. Time to focus on work!

Have a Namesake sketch :

I’m amused that most people seem to adore these two already on Namesake and yet they have barely interacted. :D

You guys are on to me, or something.

This image isn’t really official. Not part of the comic. Just a little doodle. Might potentially become a wallpaper.

Emma looks pretty badass with a sword, no?

- Isa
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Hey guys!

First off, happy birthday to [ profile] asatira , [ profile] the_flowergirl  and [ profile] earthstar_moon ! Sorry for not having sketches you guys! Things got busy over here and I haven't drawn much. I'm distracted by major amounts or paperwork, teeth pain and people. Next week will be quieter. I shall draw then.

In other news, I really need to make a to-do list. I'm having trouble making heads and tails of what I gotta do. C'mon Isa. You are more organized then this! I think i've been pushing back the making of the list being seeing all my tasks lined up is a little scary.

Among the things on that list, I wish to include the acquiring of new skills. For starters, I want to learn how to use Illustrator. Second, I want to learn to draw with a graphic tablet, in Photoshop. Not just color. Draw. I also want to learning how to use new inking tools, like calligraphic pens. Art is beginning to take up more and more of my time. I think I may wanna look into getting a part-time job next year or something. Need to start saving money :D

Last post, [ profile] novabat  drew this.

Here is my reply.

Yep. Take that. :D Have a cuddly griffin!

This morning, on deviant art, I saw a fantastic fanart of Namesake by Hyacinth-Zofia. It's Ben, Emma and Elaine. I love how they all look in this. Especially Ben. Way to be badass.

Yesterday, I went to a conference about using the internet to promote yourself as an illustrator with a friend called Fanie. It was good. It was mostly stuff we knew already, but it was nice to see it all organized in bullet format. There was a lot of older illustrators though, that asked... good questions I guess, but about really basic internet stuff (so it kinda felt like I was back at work at that point. A the joys of working tech support). So we left to eat sushi. Oddly enough, I learned that Fanie as not seen Tangled or Beauty and the Beast. Clearly, I need to inflict these movies upon her.

After that, I got home, crashed on the couch with Link. He had started to watch a movie, so I joined him. The movie was called "The Blindness" and it promptly proceeded to violate my brain. No, really.

Tho take the resume from Tv tropes : "In an unnamed large city, an unexplainable and sudden outbreak of instant blindness is affecting people rapidly. In an attempt to prevent the epidemic from growing out of control, those suffering this are taken away and forced into a derelict mental asylum and held there until further notice. But the military guarding the place becomes increasingly hostile to the inmates, keeping them in at gunpoint. The government refuses to allow in basic medicines, so the hygiene and living conditions degrade horrifically within a short time.The protagonist is the wife of an eye doctor, who was among the first people to go blind. Because she is mysteriously immune to whatever is causing the blindness, she acts as a leader of her ward and tries to keep control over a situation which is rapidly deteriorating. It gets worse. Much, much worse."

This movie is TERRIFYING. Everything is realistic. You know people react this way. And that's scary. The wife, the only one who can still see, goes from a cute housewife to an amazing, badass leader. The movie ends on an uplifting note, which kinda makes me forgive it slightly for scaring the nervous system out of my brain. It's honestly a good movie, but it's not relaxing.

Looks like I got a cold now. I was freezing during the whole movie. I didn't notice the window was open. I guess I got a cold as a consequence. Nooooo! I don't have time to be sick!!

- Isa
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So, this weekend was very quiet for me. Instead of drawing for 12 hours ike I usually do, I got company. [ profile] dqbunny  and [ profile] earthstar_moon traveled several hours to visit me, which allowed me to take a good break. I still finished getting ready for the Geekfest (which happens next weekend, ont he 5th of March) and I finished my Namesake pages, so it wasn't a fully free weekend. But I didn't do any Jabberwocky. Which means that starting tonight, I have no social existence to speak of until I darkened 25 pages in ink. I've got five done, currently. 20 to go. Could be worse! I honestly needed the break. It was a good weekend. We plotted for Namesake, watched Megamind, went to chinatown, got good food and maple pastries... It was a relaxing and tasty weekend.

But not I need to go back to being an overworked hermit. It's a little sad, but that's what artist needs to do, amiright?

I checked out the Oscar winners yesterday. I'm disapointed. Oscars are so political. They have always been, but at least before, some of the judges would have a little integrity and at least include a few less-known or independant films. Nowadays, it feels like they don't even try to hide the political aspect anymore. Oh well. Don't get me wrong, I love some of the winners myself, but it really feels like the whole thing lacks diversity and variety. Who wants to watch an almost 4 hour long show and see the same actors and movies come back all the time? The song performance we're pretty. I enjoyed that. I'm sad that neither Tangled nor Summer Wars got included in the animation section. Boo.

At least the Oscar fottage totally fueled my current obsession for Anne Hathaway. No, I don't know why i'm all about that actress right now. It's a little weird, but i'm just going to live up to my weirdness.

Oh well. Time for work!

Before I go, fest your eyes on this gorgeous Namesake fanart by Ripaille, who's coloring skills clearly exceed mine. I wish I could steal her coloring talent.

My apartment is going to feel so quiet tonight... O_O

- Isa
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Hiya peeps! I'm back from Ottawa. It was fun. I saw my family and some friends and got some new boots (and not a moment too soon. My current boots were losing their soles!) So all in all, a good weekend.

Seems this week is going to be busy. I work two evenings, get to see people on the other evenings, need to go to the dentist on Thursday morning and i'm somewhat behind on Namesake pages, so I need to draw a LOT this upcoming weekend, i'm hoping to do at least 4 pages. So, i'm going to have a pretty busy, but satisfying, week. I've been meaning to see people for a while. And I REALLY need to go to the dentist. And yeah, I got stuff I gotta do. I guess it's always like that heh? It's real quiet for a while and suddenly, busy!

Despite the incredible upcoming busy, I feel a lot better. I think this type of busy is the good type. The one that makes me feel happy at the end of the day. So i'm getting better.

Also, outside, it's perfect snow to make a fort and a snowball fight. It makes me want to declare war on my neighbors or something. During this type of weather, I wish I was 10 again. And then i'd make a snow dragon.

Too bad I don't have a back yard here in Montréal. My parents have a huge back yard and I didn't even think of challenging my brothers to combat. What was I thinking?

Oh, for those who wonder, the characters in the drawing aren't from anything. Sometimes, I like to just invent random characters. They kinda remind me of the Endless in "Sandman" (I blame you for that,[ profile] asatira ).

- Isa
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I'm having this strange feeling.

So many of you on my friend list are great friends. A few years ago, I didn't believe I could feel so close to people that are so far. Yet, here I am, adoring a whole lot of you.

Right now, a few of you are going thru rough patches, bad breakups, artistic questioning, monetary problems... And I just discovered the biggest frustration I have ever felt in my life. For a lot of you, I feel like I can't be there. I wish I owned a jet so I could fly to be by your sides and hug you and tell you everything will be okay. But I can't. This frustration even expands to my "real-life" friends and family. Since I moved to a new city, they are now far. This makes me feel limited. And silly. At least I have friends and this area, and i'm able to be there for most of you, if only in spirit. But I never though not being able to run to someone's side on a white horse, ready to save the day, would be so frustrating.

I guess I've got a big "knight (princess?) in shining armor complex or something. But I still wish I owned a teleporting machine. Or a tardis. Then I could lend you guys a shoulder to lean on in real life.

We could also have massive parties. Of awesome. That change location every week.

Since i'm daydreaming, I also want a pony.

*hugs all of you*

Annnnnddd some birthday art! This is for you[ profile] ichiban_victory . It's going to be your new website banner once it's colored! I know I showed you for your birthday, but I liked it so much ,I wanted everyone to see it too. It's Relina, your super awesome elf-paladin with her mount.

- Isa
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To resume the bedbug issue : my friend Fauve hooked me up with a website saying that according to Montréal law, extermination of certain pests where to be organized and paid by the landlord himself, the list of pests included bed bugs. So despite what them concierge told me, I contacted my landlord directly and voilà, my apartment is going to be hosting an extermination team on Friday. And I don't have to pay for it.

Before the exterminators show up, me and Link basically have to clean EVERYTHING in the apartment and wash everything and anything that may be composed of fabric, even in the rooms that are not the bedroom. So, my apartment is gradually becoming cleaner then it's ever been, ever. Not that i'm usually messy, but DANG, THIS IS REALLY ANAL CLEANING.

I had to toss out a few things, pillows and Megatron, the giant carnival tiger plushy. I'm a little sad about that.

So, I guess I was lucky in my bad luck. Still, we have so much work ahead of us (about 70 loads of laundry. I kid you not).

Art of the day! This one is for putri-nih. It's her own original characters from a comic called "Changeling". I really like her characters because the one with the floaty scarf? That's a kid that is part-fairy, based on the "Tennin" legend.

Tennin can fly thanks to their colored or feathered kimonos, called hagoromo ("dress of feathers"), also represented by something I like to designate as "Floaty wavy scarf of awesome". In some legends, tennin are unable to fly without these kimonos (and thus cannot return to heaven). In a Noh play called Hagoromo, tennyo come to the earth and take off their hagoromo. A fisherman spies them and hides their clothes in order to force one to marry him. After some years he tells his wife what he did, and she finds her clothes and returns to heaven.

Yes, this is similar to the story of the Muses in Greek legend. And the story of the swan maidens in western fairy tales. And it was used in the anime "Ayashi no Ceres". It's also really awesome.

- Isa
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I think 2010 was a good year for me. Not the best, but good. I grew as a person. I went thru some good and bad stuff. I made new friends, lost old ones, kept good ones. But even the ones I lost are good people. I'm just not compatible with them anymore. there's no hatred though. I've got friends that love me, support me when i'm grouchy-mc-grouchypants and I got to talk to amazing artists that I adore... I even got to talk to some of my heroes. It's been a good year for me for that. And I got really better at inking. And of course, I have the most amazing significant other and parents I could ask for.

For 2011, I want to do more. I want to see all my friends. I want to develop as an artist like never before. I want to try new things. I want to get away as much as possible from the dark spot in my brain. I think i'll never get rid of the depression. It's always there. Like this black spider spreading thru my cranium, and everything it touches rots. I think i'm too much like my father. I'm going to get foul moods and be disappointed about life as much as he is. But i'm going to try to do my best to drown it in love and happiness.

In 2011, i'm going to publish books, and read books, and be the person I want to be. Because i'm tired of being my own worse enemy. And i'm buying an agenda to keep track of things and make sure I talk to everyone regularly. So, once again, thanks guys. Even if all you do is silently check out my art, I really appreciate it. I appreciate your kind words, your hilarious encouragements and that fact that you people, and many other people in "real life" are helping me become a better artist and person. Those of you in close proximity? We are SO going to have coffee together this year. At least once. WATCH ME DO IT.

I feel all my posts lately are "I'm doing this, and I love you guys". But this is really how I feel right now.

I will not be useless.

One last cool drawing before I go! I really pushed myself inking and coloring wise for this, and I have a ton of fun drawing it. It's foxikun's characters Nor and Harriet, a fairy and an orc. I love their colorful, imperfect designs. So I went nuts. See the lineart here.

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This drawing is for YOU, [ profile] angelchan_2004 ! It's Aang and Katara hugging with winter coats. I always loved hugging my boyfriend when I was wearing a coat because it was always extra squishy and comfortable. So yeah! Aang has wool on his coat. Little detail, just like that.

If it's not obvious, i'll be continuing with this whole gift-art thingy past the holidays. I just had way too much to draw to finish them all before hand. :D

I'm going to be offline starting tomorrow for a few days, since i'm running off to see my family in Ottawa and then my extended family in Quebec city. But it's the hoidays. I think most people will be busy, eating, being guilt-tripped by a family member, drinking, playing with toys and younger family members, decorating trees, painting cookies, watching snowflakes, drinking coffee, skating, driving, wondering why there's so much people on the bus, working, dreaming, sleeping, smiling and crying BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT THE HOLIDAYS ARE ALL ABOUT, AMIRIGHT?

Seems a lot of people go thru as much bad as good during the holidays. Maybe it's because everyone is stressed. Maybe it's because some people just have horrible family situations. Maybe because that's just human nature.

But at least from me, you'll all get hot cocoa and a warm hug for the holidays. Because I love the lot of you! *huuuugs*

Best Holidays to all. Ad if your holidays aren't quite so fun for some reason, remember that you still have next year, and friends that love you!

I sent emails to a few people I know have been offline for a bit due to the season and the things to do. So if you guys stumble on this post, consider yourself HUGGED TWICE.

- Isa
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This Lj was created 5 years ago today (yeah, I created it on Halloween on purpose). That's 5 years of almost daily drawing posts. I,m really glad I have this. It's a great drawing motivator, gave the courage to start Namesake, and allowed me to meet amazing people whom I adore. GIVE ALL OF YOURSELVES BIG HUGS! I know i'm going to keep posting here for another long while. 

In other news, i'm not doing anything for Halloween, aside from watching spooky and pretty movies. It's a bit sad, considering how much I adore Halloween and look forward to it every year. But such is life.

If I could have a pet crow, I would call it "Phylactery". Because it's an object used by a lich to contain its soul, but also because in French, this word is used to designate a talkbubble.

Happy birthday [ profile] yamiloo ! Have some Nightingale sketches! I'm really looking forward to seeing this hero in action. remind me to make you a nice drawing when it's launched!

The Nightingale )

[ profile] brendala , have you seen today's google banner? It features the Scoobies! I saved it here for you :


Finally, my good buddy Von (the male half of [ profile] vonandmoggy ), has a new book out. You can read about said book and about ordering it here. I haven't read this one, but I've read his first book, "The road to god knows where" and found it very poignant. I have high hopes for the second. So help a comic artist out if you feel generous and want to read a great story!

So, a toast full of chocolate and good cheer to all my artsy, dedicated, and fun friends. Happy Halloween, thanks for reading, and stick around!

It only gets better from here.

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First thing first, alittle fanart of Amelia and Zelgadiss (from Slayers) floating around. This is for you, [ profile] ameban . It's your birtthday soon, and you've been through a rought patch. so enjoy this picture full of happiness and joy. I wish you were closer so I could hug you.


Second, I spent a great weekend with cottoncandykid, who visited all the way from Peterborough, Ontario. There was many conversations, catching up, watching of animated movies and of course, eating of maple-based pastries. cottoncandykid looked really pretty - last time I saw her she had short hair. Now she's got long flowy locks. I,m really proud of her because she's working hard, achieving her dreams of being a museum curator. And she's getting married soon. In a steampunk-themed wedding. And i'm invited. Yessss.

I'm amazed by the number of people getting engaged and actively planning their weddings around me. I'm afraid all the weddings might wind up on the same dates (everyone almost is thinking of doing it in late august!) I'm going to spend a week running to various weddings. I can feel it. That's the perfect scenario to commit a fashion faux-pas since a few of them are themed. Fortunately, only one of these will be really, really traditional. The rest will be more about family and friends partying. I'm nervous about the traditional one. I don't do well in really strict settings when cake is involved.

Alas, in a negative third point - I'm sick. AGAIN. AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN.

How do I catch these stupid super-colds? And why do they always knock me off my feet? I think i'm going to be a zombie this week.

Finally, Namesake is going really well. We seem to have a good stable 300 readers and good comments all around. I get the feeling that, with a good marketing campaign, we could get a good readership. And I would love that. My dream is to communicate a story, and this one as a ton of potential.

avatarmirai keeps being awesome. She drew me Jack and Warrick. I love seeing the Namesake bunch in someone else's style! Behold!

By the by, miss mirai is currently taking commissions to pay for her expensive education. So if you would love a piece of her art, rush, go to her Deviant art journal, and ask!

Going to go snuggle up with my bottle of Nyquill now, and tea.

- Isa
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I'm really amused by lame expressions and puns. And fun cartoon sounds. Onomatopoeia are FUN.

I decided to encourage myself by building a list of things I need to get done in the next few months. Mainly : get new glasses, go to the dentist, go to the bank to open a savings account, get a wii, get my comic "Psychopompes" done, get my ears pierced again (they closed after I removed the earing due to an infection). I also starting trying to plan to do excercise at least every Sunday. Move a bit. Build up that body. I wanted to buy new ice skates. There's a rink close to our home and I honestly love skating. It's a great sport. I think it may run in the family a bit - one of my cousins used to be quite the speed skater. Won competitions and everything. I also want to start painting again, maybe do some exhibits once more. I just need to find a few good ideas for paintings, build a portfolio and start courting galleries again.

I want to have projects. And achieve them. Namesake is a project, and it's well under way (that reminds me - COUNTDOWN - 6 days to namesake!). I want to make life interesting. Be busy, have friends, spend time with friends online and offline. One of my ultimate goals is to be able to have a part time job and work on my comics the rest of the time. And if I work hard enough, I know i'll get there.

Really, I need motivation. And making lists seems to motivate me. There's something really attractive about making a list and crossing stuff off it. Satisfaction. :D

As a short term goal, I want to go eat M&Ms. Thank you, [ profile] dqbunny , for putting that on my brain.

- Isa
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Namesake sketch!!!!!!

You guys, you guys, you guyyyyysssss!!! I've been drawing Namesake a lot. I'm really happy with the pages. I swear this webcomic will be epic. Epic I say. Or i'll die trying! It's coming pretty soon. The launch date will probably be pushed back to the first week of Octoboer due to work and other issues on both me and [ profile] dqbunny 's plates. But still, a month. That's still CRAZY SOON.

You guys, I use my photobucket account only to update this journal. There's almost 2000 drawings in there.

I've posted a almost 2000 drawing in this LJ. And that's not counting all the rejected stuff I drew and tossed away.

This Lj has officially fufilled the purpose of motivating me to draw.

So here's to another 2000 drawing! I love you guys!

- Isa
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 Lots and lots of stuff happened. I was mostly doing okay. Once in a while, I had pretty bad cramps, but as a general rule, I was doing okay. tonight i'm back to bad, but it's fine, since I had a great weekend.

First off, I finally bought a second screen so i'd have two screens on my computer. That way I can color and watch movies at the same time. It's not that useful for my drawing per se, but it prevents me from being bored while I draw, and that always boosts productivity. Link when to get the screen and installed it before I got home on Friday, because he's the bestest boyfriend ever. Give him a hand, folks!

Then, this weekend, my good friend Fauve and her fiance visited. On Saturday, she and I went to the Montréal anime con "Othakuthon". It was pretty fun! Last time we went to this con was in the opening year, where the quality of it really disappointed us. This year, there was a lot of improvement. The costumes were beautiful. I was really impressed by a sexy Scarlet witch and a really beautiful Katara, who looked truly like the character herself.  I got a plushy, and the "Pretear full collection" for 14$ (I know, wow).

In the artist alley, two friends of mine were doing very well. Hinoraito was selling her gorgeous hand-made earings and her shoujo manga (check out the link for her awesome art you guys! It's awesome!). My friend Patrick was selling his pixel-art. He's quite talented (he made me a pixel cheshire cat!) and people really noticed him. I'm so happy for them!

Funny anecdote. I followed a very sexy pink bunny girl with a hammer inside a Tim Hortons (coffee franchise, for all you Americans out there) that was near the con. There was a lot of men in suits. Their reactions were priceless and deserving of a comic. 

After the con, me and Fauve went to visit old Montreal, where a traditional Matsuri festival was taking place. Fauve also wanted to visit the jewelry shops in the old Montreal to get silver snowflakes earings, just like the ones I had found there a while before.

After that, we went to see SCOTT PILGRIM. Now again in bold for good mesure : SCOTT PILGRIM

Taaaaadaaaa (Yes, that art is mine, don't be fooled).

The movie was pretty good. I still prefer the books. Except for the ending. I prefer the movie ending. It was nicer to the character of Knives. Though it made Ramona into more of a woobie. But I guess she was a woobie all along. My favorite part was Scott's epic window escape. And Wallace. wallace was perfect. He can text in his sleep! The thing I didn't like about the movie was Michael Cera. No matter how good the movie was, he still doesn't feel like Scott Pilgrim to me. Though his voice works. It's really his face and mannerisms. Check out this Scott Pilgrim animation (it's gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and you can see that his voice really works with the character. It's really his body language that clashes.

Yay. Monday tomorrow. Or rather, not yay. There's some kind of conflict amongst the members of the team. I'm not clear on the details, but lemme tell you, the work ambiance sucks. I feel sick whenever I need to walk out of my desk. I don't even want to go to work tomorrow. I'm afraid this is going to end badly because it's a conflict between two people who pretty much hold the thing together. I really fear for my workplace. :( 

- Isa

You guys!

Aug. 11th, 2010 12:21 am
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 First off, you guys rock. I love talking to all of you. This is the best LJ friend list of all time.

Tonight was a quiet night. I mostly worked on commissions. 

I first finished this inked version of [ profile] bonemarch 's personal characters. They were rather fun to draw. They have a lot of personality in their bodies. I love it!

Drawing HERE )

Then I finished this Gourry website banner for [ profile] dqbunny . Doesn't Gourry just look dashing under the moonlit sky? I love how hopeful this piece is. It looks like it's Gourry's first evening out in the world, way before he met Lina Inverse.

And finally a "get well" card was draw for yukinoomoni who is still recoving. It's everybody's favorite Kyoshi Warrior from Avatar the last Airbender; SUKI! I love Suki. She's awesome. 

Hum. That's all for now. ISA'S MORALE AS IMPROVED!

Bring it on, universe. 

- Isa
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Yeah. It's Saturday. Which means it's "Isa draws a big fanart to test out capacities she doesn't have" day. URGH. I wanted to test out detailed characters over a painterly background. Yeah, the result is a bit "meh". Oh well. Maybe if I didn't test out a sunset at the same time, the result would have been better.

It's Aang, Tenzin (their kid in the new series) and Katara being nomadic and cute. I'm sure Appa and Momo are flying around somewhere in the background. I loved photos of Tibetans with colored clothing and baby wraps climbing mountains, so I tried to do something with about the same feel. 

EDIT : Changed the version on top. The original had a "sunset tint" on the clothing that made everyone ask me why Aang's arrow was pink. To see the tinted version, click here.

[ profile] earthstar_chan  and [ profile] gullwhacker  are no longer visiting. They went home. It was a fun week. We mostly hung out and visited a few cool parts of Montréal. And an interesting exhibit at the museum of science about sex. It was an educational exhibit, but me and [ profile] earthstar_chan  are still traumatized by the antique vibrator. Behold : 

Yeah, that's terrifying. For more "fun" examples, visit

I guess i'll leave you guys with these frightening images. It's time for me to eat. Eat bacon. Hmmmmm. Bacon.

Weird post. Avatar cuteness, followed by evil technology, then bacon.

- Isa
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Cha cha cha!

Just a little Avatar ; the last airbender fanart again, showing all the known Avatar reincarnations (Korra, Aang, Roku, Kyoshi, Kuruk and Yangchen). Yangchen looks like she likes to party. Kyoshi doesn't. This was probably Aang's idea.

I colored a few commissions today. Despite taking a whole week to work, I didn't even do half of what I expected to do. Isa fail. I drew and colored this to wind down after wards. Hopefully i'll do better on advancing next week. I'm on vacation. [ profile] earthstar_chan and [ profile] gullwhacker are visiting for the whole week (from the maritimes!) but they don't mind if I draw while they visit, so it's cool :D

Do you know why there's always dance parties at the end of animated movies lately? It's because drawing or animating dancing characters is fun as hell.

Oh, I,ve been watching Planet Earth with Link this past week. It's an amazing documentary. My favorite parts up to now where the paradise birds in the jungle, the poles and the bats in the caverns. Man, I love bats. Adore them. I would have a pet bat if I could., i'm going to bed now. Nap wasn't enough. I really have trouble sleeping lately. Gotta find what's wacking up my chi.

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The story starts like this. Two young teenagers grow up and go to highschool in a small town around Toronto. They are called Stephan and Celeste. Stephan is gay, but has a rather doctrinal father that likes to repeat that being gay is an abomination of the lord and that his son is full of sin (I don't want to throw in the right/wrong gay debate, but I think everyone agrees there is a WAY to handle talking about it. to his son)

As a consequence,  Stephan goes out with Celeste for most of High school. Eventually the cat came out the bag but Celeste supported Stephan and even acted as a *cover up* versus his family. Then they both moved to Ottawa to attend university and distance themselves from various family problems.

At the university of Ottawa, these two best friends meet a strange, short geek with glasses. At first, the geek named Isabelle is shy around them. But as time goes, she becomes confortable and they get in all sorts of crazy shit, including running away from insane turkeys while taking photos in a field.

Now, Celeste and Stephan just graduated and are headed to Vancouver, BC to start their lives as professionnals. Today is our last meeting for 2009.

I'm kinda sad they are leaving. Those two were excellent friends, but as per usual, i'm pretty good at long distance relationships. I'll miss Celeste's humor and wit. I'll miss Stephans caring spirit. They are awesome people and you can tell just by looking at them that those two are going to be together forever.

Goodbye you guys, it's been awesome.


p.s. I am eating a butterball turkey sandwich. Turkeys are nasty. I feel no shame eating this.. Mmmmmh revenge is tasty.


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