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I love Astrid. After watchign the new short “gift of the night fury”, it’s pretty much convinced me she’s basically an over-achiever. When the whole viking deal was about kicking ass, she was THE ass-kicker. Now that Berk is all about innovation (mainly Hiccup’s), she tries really hard to be innovative and kind. When the situation seemed bleak, she worked hard to keep up morale and invent traditions. Of course, she’s more of a battlefiled maiden then anything else, so her innovative ideas were met with so-so results, kinda like Hiccup’s at first. So, yay, Astrid!

Hiccup is awesome, as usual. And his bromance with toothless is the best. :D The short really showed more of their abilities and their friendship. And honestly, that's why we are watching this in the first place. Dragon bromance. 

The other vikings are amazing too. Gosh, the EXPRESSIONS. I was disappointed by the lack of textures and lighting, but the facial expressions really made up for it. Especially Astrid's smugness. 

Also, be warned, the short features baby dragons.

Please ignore herp-dee-derp Toothless in drawing.

- Isa
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I'm a bit of a grump, so I spend most of the weekend off the computer being surly. But I think i'm back to normal now.

Not much to say today...

I'm trying to decide how to work with Psychopopmes. Should I make thumbnails of all the pages so I know how many I need to draw? Or should I just work on a page-per-page basis and see what it gives at the end? I think I may pick the first since I need to get these done for May. I'm sure that's least 60 pages of work waiting... Hopefully, i'll manage. O_O I asked my boss if I could take my vacation days in March instead of you know... July. So I could work. I don't have anything to do in July, after all.

I spent the whole morning talking to pretty much everybody about cupcakes. About recipes, cupcake shops in Montréal, and about making "Tangled" themed cupcakes with different flvors and designs (Rapunzel is citrus, Flynn is dark chocolate and Mother Gothel? Dark cherry.) I'm super obsessed by cupcakes. I'm suppose to bake some with friends on Thursday. Looks like this is a good idea.


It's a miracle i'm not fat. Really.

Oh hey, have some "How to Train Your Dragon" fanart. Mainly, it's Astrid and Toothless protecting Hiccup. apparently in the snow. Astrid seems to have lost her braid in the heat of action.

That's alll fooooorrrrr noooooooowww!

- Isa
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 So. A whole day of drawing pages and cleaning the apartment. I'm kinda tired. I'm hopeful this actually killed all the bed bugs (we found a few and sucked them using the vacuum) but i,m aware that they might still roam. I'll wait a until wednesday. If we are still getting bitten, i'm calling the exterminator. Me and Link barely have any bites and we found a dozen or so bugs, and probably sucked in a whole bunch by vacuuming all the crevasses. Hopefully this is just the beginning of the infestation, explaining the small numbers. 

Basically, i'm optimistic, but as they say on all the sites about bed bugs - prepare for failure. They are very hard to eradicate without professional methods. But I wanted to at least try. Just in case. I'm not a big fan of throwing a ton of chemicals on my books and plushies.

This was a long day, so I sketched a few things.

It's a mixed bunch of How to Train Your dragon, Avatar and Namesake.

Also, a portrait of my current sworn enemy.

If you see him, knock him dead.


- Isa
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 I managed to draw something where characters have sex-appeal :

I'm SO proud of myself. Check it out! It's Astrid and Ruffnut from How to Train your Dragon. I,m not sure if they are posing for the winter months of the "Sweet Vikingnettes" calendar, or just planning to unleash violence, steal some winter clothing and weapons, and run off. Either way, they look really GOOD.

God, I hope i'm not just able to draw gorgeous ladies when i'm sick. That would be rather unfair.

Well, back to bed with me. The labtop computer keeps me warm. :)

- Isa

Edit : I didn't ink the drawing because I was afraid I was going to ruin it by inking it. [ profile] novabat  disagrees, and did it herself : 

It's so cool to your work inked in another style! They remind me of the "Bone" comic now. Bravo [ profile] novabat !
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Apparently, there's going to be an extra "movie" on the "How to train your Dragon" double pack. Well, i'm happy that's what I ordered. I really didn't know about this. But it looks funny. I certainly look forward to more adventures with the gang. "How to train your dragon" really seems to be one of my favorite animated movies, if not THE favorite. It's coming out in 8 days and I can't wait. I guess it satisfies the love for dragons i've had since I was a kid. :D

Speaking of Dreamworks, i'm really looking forward to Megamind. Even more now that the story is a bit more defined by the longer trailer. Yeah, it looks cheesy, but so far, I love all the animated movies done about superheroes (like the Incredibles and Despicable Me). Also, i've learned lately that trailers are pretty misleading. So, even if the trailer makes it look very cheesy, considering some of the lines don't seem to stick with the images and the mouth moving, i'm hoping this is a chop job from the marketing department. So i'm expecting a good movie.

Still on the animated movie front, DISNEY! WHY CAN'T YOU RELEASE DECENT DVDS OF YOUR TV SERIES? I'm very inteested in checking out "Kim Possible" (thank you, [ profile] elle_white ) because I discovered one of my favorite voice-actresses is Shego. Neat. However, there's no Dvds of the tv series anywhere! I decided to check out itunes. All four seasons are there, but they are partial seasons. Disney only released half the season of all FOUR of them. What the hell? The worse part is, it's not even a definitive cut. You stop at episode nineteen and then skip the 25th. Huh? Disney, how could you even screw up on itunes? You have no marketing or packaging to do! Only files to submit! Plus according to the comments, these have been in partial season form for quite some time. Wow. This kinda reminds of the horrors of the "Gargoyles" Dvd. Can someone please teach Disney how to make decent Tv series box sets? How can someone so adept at distributing movies such so bad at series? Do they even care?

I'll still check out "Kim possible". I hear really good things about it. And it gives me something to watch while I doodle pages.

- Isa
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Just a little "How to train your dragon" fanart to end the week on a high note. Ruffnut and Tuffnut, aka them twins. Ruff is a bit girlier then I wanted her to be, but I love the inking, so i'm just going with it.

I moved stuff today. My workplace was moving from one office to another bigger and better office in the same building, but we still had to move stuff for most of the day. I ending up doing my actual job from like 3 to 5 pm. I left pretty tired. And glad to be going home.

Tomorrow, my extended family is visiting me. It's pretty rare. Back when I was a kid, I saw my extended family about 5 times per year because they lived so far. I don't have a really close relationship with them, but i'm still happy they are visiting.

And free time will obviously be dedicated to drawing Namesake paaaages. I'm having way to much fun drawing these.

I finished reading Castle Waiting yesterday. OMG. That comic. It's crazy. It reminds me of the epic that is BONE. Because of the black and white art and the incredible backgrounds and expressions. The whole thing is a huge fairy tale mockery bonanza. I love it. I really should thank my friend Sandra for lending it to me. We keep leading comics to each other. Been a while since I spoke to her though. I almost feel like I should make a list to make sure I keep track of people. Ack.

Busy life, heh?

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Worked hard to finish an exhibit watercolor painting today. Almost done. I had to stop because after a while, I get really tired of doing all those little lines. So after 3 hours of little lines, I decided to advance on my commission work. I'm like 4 months behind for this commission. Gah. The next commission on the menu is [ profile] bonemarch 's. 

This one was a "How to train your dragon" commission, starring Ruffnut, Fishlegs and some purring Terrible Terrors. Aren't they just adorable?

Watched The Incredibles today while drawing. Yeah, I really want a Despicable Me/The Incredibles family crossover. Both groups of kids could go to the same school. It would be awesome.

I'm disappointed in the water system in my apartment. The water is never the right temperature. And sometimes it decides to randomly go warm, to burn you, for giggles, or something. It also tastes kinda funny. Not bad funny. The water is still drinkable. But it's got a little aftertaste. It tastes like stones or metal. I don't like it. I,m so used to the delicious water that I had back when I lived in Ottawa. curse you, old pipes!

- Isa
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 Just a little How to train your dragon comic to loosen up on a saturday morning and practice expressions.

Astrid is violent, but the boys are crafty. 

I got the Toy Story 3 artbook yesterday. it's very pretty. Pixar really has a way of working that is a bit different from Disney and Dreamworks. Disney and Dreamworks seem to prepare most of the movie in 2-D before designing the models. Pixar as sketches and then seems to almost jump right in to digital storyboards. It makes for a less "rich" book maybe (the HTTYD book taught me a lot about expression). However, the texts in the book make it so worth buying. And give you a little extra knowledge on your favorite toys. 

It's still hot as hell, though it went down a little. 

I kinda want food. food that wasn't cooked in my house.

- Isa
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 Not much happening today. Woke up REALLY LATE. Guess I needed more sleep then I though.

I managed to watch the second episode of the new futurama season. Oh, Zap Brannigan. I love to watch that stupid idiot in action. He's so hilarious. Fry and Leela is still cute as hell.

Managed to draw two little drawings before bed yesterday. First, this How to Train your dragon fanart. It's for a collaboration with [ profile] mirai17  (aka avatarmirai on deviant art) I love the expressions on this drawing. Everyone is so happy. I can just hear Hiccup asking everyone if they want to go on an adventure and everyone teasing him that they would not leave him behind and are ready for action. Oh, everybody is a few years older, explaining the longer hair, chin hair and Fishlegs gaining 500 levels in badass.

I am amused that Hiccup's voice actor is a French Canadian living in Montréal. I dream of meeting him on the street and giving him a sketch...

Speaking of things inspired by the norse, this ink sketch is for [ profile] spankingfemme . Happy birthday! I wanted to draw you frolicking with Loki and Thor. sorry if the costumes are inaccurate, I don't know these characters really well. And the internet didn't provide pictures of them from the same decade. Fortunately, Link likes them, so he was able to tell me that Loki's horns and Thor's round-chest-plate-thingnies are apparently must-haves on their costumes. Enjoy!

Isa want cookies now.

- Isa

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So i,ve been using HTTYD fanart and comics to practice sketching with the blue pencil, inking and coloring in the style I want to use for my webcomic Namesake.

Why "How to train your dragon" fanart? Because it's easier to focus on the technique if you don't think too hard on the character designs. Also, it's fun to draw.

The drawing above is a pretty good example of the inking, drawing and coloring style I want to use for Namesake. I find this to be decent looking while still being really fast. I started this drawing around 7h30pm last night. Finished around 1ham. So that's about... 4 and a half hours. That's pretty fast! At this speed, I could garantee three updates every week without it taking over my life or without it preventing me from working on my contracts, published comic pages, commissions or LJ posts.

What do you guys think? Would this count as good art? Good webcomic art? Should I change stuff? Would you read something drawn like this?

Thank you all for your opinion!


EDIT : if you're all interested - it's an "How to train your dragon" fanart that focused on Hiccup, Astrid and Toothless' scars, and kinda showed how Toothless was a big kitty that likes to crawl in bed. Hiccup is the proud owner of the biggest bed in all of Berk.


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