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Just for[personal profile] gigabahamut666 :

p.s. I opened the secondworld fan community at It's for the players to post fanfics, fanarts and discussions about the plot. it's open to everybody though, so even if you're not a player but you read the the secondworld ( which is our online RPG group community, you are welcome to participate in the fanbase ^^

Sleep calling to me.

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It's sappy, it's sketchy and I was obviously in some kind of love struck mood when I drew this. I drew it in my drawing class while I was waiting for something to happen (aka models to undress and be nekkid. Woo! -  Yes, i'm THAT mature. XD ) My friend Daphe then peered over it, stated that it was so cute and happy, and showed it off the the class (and by that I mean she stole the book).

People in the class said they wished they could draw comics so they could draw sappy pictures like that about their boyfriends. I guess everyone as a latent fangirl sleeping in their mind.

I like the movement in it. I drew my bulgde. Hee.

Aside from that, things are fine. I'm still in my usual "OMG SO MUCH WORK GAH I DIE!" mode, but i've now accepted that it will only fade on graduation day. 
I am one with the essay. 
Some guy at work gets to me. Actually, some guy and some girl get to me. The girl is a pompous anime freak that thinks she's worth gold and works badly. The guy works fine, but he thinks he's lord, master and god of the Tim hortons. He keeps pissing everybody off and giving orders and deciding things even if he has no seniority (he's been there for oh...a month?). He seems to have gotten the idea that i am an awful worker, and likes to tell people that. I'm sorry, I might not be the greatest worker there, but I do my fair share well enough! Grrr.'s the ending of the halloween comics. I,ve actually drawn those a while ago. Just din't find the time to scan.

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And Happy birthday to the secondlina journal!

I was planning on getting the Halloween comics to finish on Halloween night, but because of exams and such, I fell behind. I,m sure you guys don't mind following this little adventure for another while huh?
Link has apparently decided to take over my journal...or he grew addicted, i'm not sure, but i'm glad to see he's drawing ^_^

I for one, got VERY good news.
First, I got a response from an art contest I subcrived from about comic book artists of tomorrow. They will allow me to submit my stuff ^_^
Second, I got INVITED by a random art agent to be a part of a group expo at the saw gallery in Ottawa. O_O Litteraly. INVITED. As in they loved my stuff so much they wanted to paste it next to some woman artist work who looks 10000000 times better then mine O_O
Obviously, I say yes.
I'm really happy. This means i'm going to have to work  my ass off too.

I'll most likely love every minute of it.
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I've taken my Lj back from Lina (who actually pretty much tossed it back.).

My midterms are over (or almost, I have one still on monday) so now it's final essay writting time! Most of them are for the 27th of november, but it takes about a week per essay, so i'm starting now.

Here's more halloween fun ^^ The series is almost over! ^^

I,m a bit tired from work and don't feel like typing...Mwer.

- Secondlina

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And I can't use my magic right now....waaaaaah.


-Lina Inverse, Sorceress extraordinaire.

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Why do you people bother so much with updating?

Go fry a bandit once in a while to free those latent energies!

Anyways...more halloween comics.

-Lina Inverse, Sorceress extraordinaire

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Okay, Isabelle is the weirdest person. 

She complaints that she has too much school to take care of her posts properly, and then she goes off and draws two more pages and forces me to update. She even took the time to reply to all the comments! Never mind if it only took her an hour to draw! This girl is a walking paradox!

I bet she fails dammit.

Oh well, here is the latest Halloween strips. Notice how I am the hero in then. ^^

-Lina Inverse, Sorceress extraordinaire.

p.s. For those who wonder, I won and i'm seilling his wand on ebay.

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Well, tis the dreaded midterm season for Isabelle, hence why she has not posted anything in the past while. She has several of the Halloween comics done though, so i'm posting them all in one shot for her. I'm sure she'll be grateful someone has terrific as Moi decided to help out!

Enjoy! And pray that Isa survives midterm folly. 

-Lina Inverse, Sorceress extraordinaire.

More to come later! ^^
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WoW can be a scary thing.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I've been wanting to make a "Think of the kittens" joke for a while. I finally caught an idea. So without further delay, here is another one of my humorous disclaimers:

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Here it is, the first of a series of jokes that will appear on the site until Halloween. I wanted to make a short story about Halloween because Halloween as always been my favorite holiday (yeah, sometimes more then Chrismas!) and it's also important because this website was created last year on Hollow's eve. Meaning this is also for the website's birthday! ^^

I'm also trying a different format for the website for the coming year. You might have noticed a gradual change here. It used to be mainly drawings, and it gradually became mainly comics. I'm going to keep illustrating days of my life with these comics, but i'm also planning to make a few "comic short stories" that might go on for a few weeks every once in a while (kinda like the Zel stripping series or the Party while i'm in Toronto joke). The short stories are most likely going to be completly made up, like this one, but using all the characters from the site. I'm trying to get a bit more of a webcomic feel into the site without loosing what was first great about Secondlina: the diary aspect of it. So both composed stories and pages about my life will be posted from now on. And don't worry, you'll know which is which XD

I'm not thinking about changing the drawing quality or medium. Yeah, it's a bit sketchy and yes, pencil is a witch, but I think everyone is pretty used to it by now and have associated it with the site. I will try to make a better/colored drawing more often, but let's not kid ourselves. The pencil medium allows me to update relativly often despite my somewhat tight schedule. (Not that tight, but tight enough for me not to want to waste 8 hours in making the perfect comic page) So i'm sticking with pencil. Besides, it's all about humour here, not me showing off that i'm a great artist or something.

This scary encounter (perfect in Halloween spirit!) happened yesterday. Lorraine is the owner of the bookstore for which I write up a list of comic book orders. I basicly take care of what goes in and out of the comic book section. She completly misunderstood my personal orders (made two weeks ago) with the store order list (made two days ago) I think it's weird that she did because I never ask about the store orders (I just come in when they do because she calls me). I was wondering about my personal orders because two weeks is kinda long. And now apparently it's gonna take three?

I know the editing compagnies don't take us seriously because we are little, but this is ridiculous! No wonder people forget us and go to Chapters or Nod books! 3 weeks of waiting for something that as been out for a while is a bloody outrage. It's not even that new. I ordered a relativly new book and an older one from a different series...Anyways...Dealing with publishers is a pain in the ass.

It's the first time I see Lorraine yell at anybody. I think she is most likely tired. I din't really enjoy getting yelled at like that though. Especially since I was a paying customer and not a worker at the time...She really raised some demons! Eeeeek.



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