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 I don't know what's happening lately but I can't draw to save my life! Seriously, the past few days all my drawings have been nothing but a steady stream of awful. It's very frustrating. I believe i'm becoming increasingly moody in consequence since no pages being done + long hours + hormones of woe + listening to The Fray = Sad and terribly prone to violence Isa. So instead of a drawing by me, have a drawing by James Jean, cover artist for the series Fables. I wonder how he deals with his art blocages. Do you guys have suggestions?

Oh well.

In a positive note, I started watching princess tutu. Yes, the anime with the ridiculous name and the ridiculous prince and people dancing ballet. God forbid, BALLET! And honestly, I love it. Some parts of it are extremely girly and redonculous but I was amazed by the quality of the story and their use of fairy tales and classic ballet and real ballet moves. I actually like ballet, or at least I like the fairy tale like stories behind famous ballets like Swan Lake and Giselle. This anime is heavily influenced by german fairy tales and Ballets invented from german fairy tales. If you can get pass the girlyness, it's crackloads of fun. 

Swan Lake was always one of my favorite fairy tale stories. I was fascinates by the 1981 anime that came out of it. So I really like the main character of Princess tutu (Ahiru) as she is a mix of the ugly duckling story and the swan princess (or swan lake) story.

Although, the main character that really always fascinated me in the story of Swan Lake was not the main character Odette but rather Odile (aka the black swan, or black version of Odette) who is the evil sorcerer's daughter. The evil sorcerer turns Odette into a swan until she decides to marry him. She will be free if she finds someone who will swear his love eternally to her. Odette finds a prince and everything seems to be going for her. However, mean sorcerer guy preforms a switcheroo and sends his daughter in with a spell making her seem like Odette, though usually a goth version of Odette. The prince swears his love to Odile by accident and then Odette either dies or their love still kicks the sorcerer's ass, depending which version of the story you're looking at.

I always kinda felt bad for Odile, who was used by her dad as some kind of decoy. Plus, she usually kinda likes the prince in several version. I'd like to make a painting based on Odile I think. I saw on that a few writers who work a lot with fairy tales re-wrote versions of Swan Lake that focus on Odile. I might take a look at does.

I love dancing freeze frames. Some poses look so awesome and unreal when you stop them. I have used several dance freeze frames as models for character positions in fairy tale drawings. I think I'll keep doing that for a while. Lucky be those who can dance.

Lots of text to basically say that I love fairy tales and can't draw right now.

Man, I also have the flue again and people are flipping out because omg, what if it was the swine flue? Please... *rolls eyes*

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 Meant to do this a while back. Gosh, the results scrare me! I've seen almost all the list.
 x = seen it
o = partially seen it
bold = loved

Click here for the ultimate animation meme (Yes, i'm finally catching up on my memes) )

Personal addition:
Happily ever after? Anybody remembers the snow white version with all the female dwarves? I LOVED IT.

So yeah... is it sad that i've seen the majority of this list? This gives me a good list to follow for my future purchases though!

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Okay, I was wondering two things...

How many of you have tried exploding peeps in the microwave after I did the post about it? Because I got emails...

Does any of you (and yes, i'm looking at you Diane) have any slayers character sheets in better quality then 1 inch by 1 inch in 72 dpi?


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You know how in video games, when they are not moving for a while, sometimes characters start doing things? Like a little dance.

Well, i'm the same. And lo and behold - they took an official picture for our quilt at the Montréal all-nighter exhibit. It's a really cool 360 picture, so you see the quilt, the spectators and the environment really well. You even see two of the artists. Including one, who is dancing. *shame*

Click here to view the 360 or the exhibits. There's only a few photo because they took a photo of one work in every section. But it's really cool to see all the artworks in 360. It's like you're there! Our quilt is the 7th button from the top.


Edit - is it just me or have been posting at an almost daily rate for a month and a half?
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Does anybody reccommend any of the following:

Last Exile
Romeo x Juliet
Haibane Renmei
Avatar - the last airbender

12 Kingdoms

I'd also like to finish watching Spice and Wolf.

I just wonder if these series are good. Reviews on the internet either say *AMAZING* or totally lame. I think these might be hit or miss series... Last Exile looks like it's delicious steampunk. Romeo x Juliet looks like eye candy. Haibane Renmei is well...Beutiful and sad. Plus I already own Niea_7... Avatar seems hilarious and 12 kingdom seems sword-and-cape bonanza. Anybody has a personal review on these?

Also, since the boxsets are really expensive, does anybody know anything about buying them thru itunes? is it expensive? Is it good quality? Anime on itunes, what do we say?

I'm in a serious anime phase right now. Haven't had one this bad since Full Metal Alchemist. I find anime these days lacks a bit of originality but these series seem to bring it back.

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So news of the day:
For my first art project, I wanted to build glass slippers from old drinking glasses. I wanted the slippers to look jarred and dangerous to represent Cinderella's painful life. Unfortunatly, building glass slippers from scratch proven to be much much more difficult then I thought. At first, I was planning to sew shoes out of plastic fabric and then add glass on top of that base. I manged to construct the plastic shoe, but then I glued one piece of glass on it and it flattened because of the weight.

After saying "Huh. Should have seen that coming..." I decided to try finding an old flat sandal sole to start from. Installing the glass heel on the sandal killed it. Then it smelled like burning. The hot glue was melting the sole. Stupid cheap sole!

Isa : 0
Evil shoe : 2

I then asked my mother for help. She offered me old white sandals. The sole was beautiful, but the top was horribly ugly. I tried cutting off the top. Stabbed my hand.

Isa: 0
Stupid evil shoe: 3
(and I didn't even really start on the glass. What's it gonna be when dangerous materials will be used?)

At this point I got pretty tired of trying. I tried calling my friend tama to go out and therefore not keep trying.
Tama was busy.

At this point, since distraction was out of the picture, I tried calling the person who gave me advice on my weird sculpture projects before: Link. Link suggested that I go forth and seek fiberglass and try to build a transparent sole with that. Not a bad idea i'll admit. But expensive. So I tried finding an alternative. Wallacks as a few suggestions, so tomorrow, i'll be visiting wallacks on bank street. Get myself some firepower to overcome the shoe.

I really really want to make this shoe, which is most likely why I have abandonned yet XD

But while looking for cool shoes building ideas, I found a new awesome fairy tale using artist:
Miss Cherbuliez! I love her Snow white in the coffin sculpture! It has a large amount of dust on it (on purpose). Awesome! Her Alice is great too.

Wow, i've been posting a lot and talking about artstuff. This blog is gonna go from "drabbles of the delightfully eccentric" to "drabbles of the artistically challenged" soon.....


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Ah, the subtle mix of joy and stress that is the return to one's establishment of education.

I started my classes and my internship this week. As you may all know, this is my last return to a school. EVER. I'm not saying I won't take online classes or extra evening classes for whatever, but as a full time student, I think i'm done and over with. After this year, I believe it is high time I started life as we know it.  I'm slightly tired of school. I know everybody says "You're lucky to be there" and I realise that, but one can only take so many years of post-secondary education before deciding enough training is enough. Heck, universities never really train you that well. Theory is always different then practice.

Besides. I have a college degree and a future bachelor. How much do I need?

In a super-extra-positive point of view i'm happy to be back and quite satisfied with the internship up to now.

The internship: is at MASC, an organisation that basically organises artists residencies and workshops in elementary and high schools of the region. The job is fun, despite the large amount of collating. Lots and lots of it. The people who work at MASC are a little bit crazy. I like that *laughs* It's a very slick workplace. Very flexible. As long as your work is done on time, it pretty much doesn't matter when you're there or for how many hours per day, as long as it's within school hours and amounts to a certain number of hours per month. Apparently, a lot of the workers there do 12 hours days once in a while, hence the possibility of having a short day on the following shift.

There's also a lot of good restaurants around the workplace too. My coworkers are addicted to food. So am I. We get along great in that departement. Honestly, I love MASC. I actually stayed longer then I should have during my two internship days. ^_^ 6 hours instead of just 5. hehehe.

Schoolstuff: SO MANY PEOPLE I KNOW....EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! I was glad to meet my buddies again. I Saw Isabelle - know as isabiunleashed here on LJ - and Anneka -annekay here- , Stephan -my favorite bowling ball-head-, Christina and many others. Fauve is also back working at the university. She's been working at the education departement (teacher's college) of the U for quite some time now. My mother works there as well. 

Every fourth year student is allocated a space he shares with other students as a studio for the year. A big room on the third floor was allocated to 14 students who specialized in painting. The big room as fake walls and ventilation allowing the students to share the space and not die due to oil paint fumes. I'm in a room on the second floor. The room itself is pretty big and divided in two creating two studio spaces. Those spaces are occupied by multimedia artists, photo artists, drawing, performance and light sculpture. Basicly the all-brawl rooms. The room on the first floor belongs to 4 students who are doing heavy sculpture. I'm in part a of the second floor room. I have the joy to share it with my Tanya (cottoncandykid on lj) who is awesome. The three other tenants are, suprinsingly, all french students. Counting me, that a room 4/5 french. But we are all bilingual, so it works either way. The room next to us is 4/5 english. *laughs* I'm just happy I got to be with Tanya!

Work: I have too many shifts this week. I managed to convince my boss that I could only do a shift a week starting next week. Yay. I'm way to busy to do more then that. Heck, I already have homework.

Other: With my friend fauve I did Ottawa's introductory haunted walk, which is a tourist activity involving being lead across town by guides in creepy capes that stop in front of old buildings and narrate the building's ghost/history story. It was awesomly cool. I was supposed to invite much more people, but we went on very short notice (aka in between two of my shifts) so I didn't manage to round up a possy. However, there are several haunted walks, some much much more scary and those time you can bet i'll have a gang with me. *laughs*

I'm addicted to the series Heroes now. Hiro, the japanese character is so cute I want him as a pet.

I randomly found at the librairy a book intitled "Buffy the vampire slayer and philosophie" and read half of it already. It's an awesome book that points out plato and nieschze theoremes in Buffy and also reflect on the nature of the whole good/evil/gray spots of the show. It's a great book if you love Buffy, and even better if you also love plato. I suggest it immensly. It's at the U librairy and most likely on amazone.

Oh, last week I dropped everything and went to montreal to visit a semi-depressed but fully broke Link. It was a bit sad but still fun. I'm not really sure when i'll be able to see him again considering how we both are busy and such... Hopefully it will be at least in two months, because beyond that, it's just not cool. While I was there...there was interesting conversations : 

I also noticed a lot of advertizement for brest cancer this week. All my best wishes and a few dollars to the cause were given. Yeah, i'm a sap.

No school tomorrow. But a big 8 hours shift. Woo! Will also do homework.

For those who want to know my schedule :
monday : 8-12h30 am class
tuesday : 11-4 pm internship 7pm-10pm class
wednesday : 11-4pm internship 7pm-10pm class
thursday : 8-12h30 am class
friday, saturday & sunday : work somewhere + homework galore. 


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I haven't been drawing a lot because of exams and the attention-sucking grip of a really interesting book called: "Fairy tales and fantasy worlds:the transitional stages from childhood to adulthood". And yes, for those wondering, I have started reading that because of the shadow of the Narnia movie coming. What can I say? I'm a Narnia book fan and the movie visuals just make it look like this movie is gonna be out of this world (no pun intended).

There's a really interesting chapter in the book (oddly enough between "Sex in fairytales" and "Sexology of the villains...heh...)called "The A B C of Portals to the other world." Apparently you can classify portals in 5 differents categories: Mundane, transitional, mystical, futuristic and land mark.

The Mundane portals are objects from your everyday life that normally do not fonction as doors. Like the wardrobe in Narnia for example. Popular ones in the category are Mirrors (that are kinda always associated to an alternate reality due to the reflexion), pieces of clothing (fairy tale witching cloak), pieces of food (Adam and eve's apple), keys and books.

The transitional portals are things that normally take you elsewhere, but then you jump in them and you're not where you expect to be. Like the rabbit hole in Alice in wonderland. Popular ones here are things like mysterious holes (also used in James and the giant peach), Trains (Northern express, Harry potter), Windows (Peter Pan), fountains (Magic knight Rayearth) and plain old front doors.

The door category is a category of it's own almost since you can break down doors to 3 kinds of portals: the front door, the mysterious door and the new door. The front door is like in the Wizard of Oz. It's your front door, but the world outside is different. You're just not in Kansas anymore. The mysterious door is a door that's always been in your house, but locked, and you've never been through it until that day you decided to do it (or something forced you to do it). For this category, people often think of the locked door in the fairy tale of Bluebeard that was hiding all his old wive's corpses. You also think of the mysterious "attic door" often used in movies like casper and jumanji. The new door category is a door that just appeared, like the dwarf mines door in LOtR.

The mystical portals are portals that do not exist beforehand and that appear in a very magical fasion. In this category we find suddent flashes of light, suddent flashes of color, old runes, old portraits, words and magical jewelry often with crystal on it (anybody remembers the old Mario bros movie?). The objects in this category often look like mundane things but are not. They are old and special. Something differs them from the mundane. Like the Jumanji board game. A board game is mundane, but anybody with a set of eyes could state that that game is funny looking.

The futuristic portal is something that was clearly designed to be a portal, even if it dosen't always take you where it was supposed to be (the car in Back to the future, Stargate, Startreck beam machine). These are often associated to advanced science or aliens.

The land mark is a portal that always seems to have been present, like the mundane portal, but that is more then an object. It's a place you walk in to that contains the wonderful place you discover. Examples of this category are the Bermuda Triangle, the pyramid, the mysterious swamp, the enchanted forest, the haunted house, etc.

 So when you think of it, there's portals really everywhere...

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Aaaah, I love that shirt. I din't get to wear it for halloween, but I guess it's better post-halloween when everybody has chocolate in their hands all over the frigging school and are eating in in front of you! grrr.

Aside from that, I might be doing to much slayers right now *laughs* I'm back in a slayers obsessed period due to a few official works i'm doing in that direction and well...when you truly are slayers obsessed, the obsession will kick into super mega fan gear once every year.

I had a weird dream where I went to Ichiban Victory's home (don't panic ichi, I don't really know where you live...and you're in my dreams for purely slayers related reasons...hum...Amelia XD) and discovered she had more comics then me (and that's saying she had a lot in the dream because i'm running out of bookspace here!)...But the cool part was that she had these hard cover european styled books of slayers (the book structure being european, not the drawings, they were still manga. But the book was a taller format and with color and a sweet hard cover like european publications) which I kept trying to read but another of my friends kept stealing them from me..gahhh...

Oh well, maybe I should work more on my class drawings now *laughs* And ichi, if you really have books like the ones I dreamed about, you're lucky!

Oh, and the rock on top is my pep rock. I've had it on my desk since I was twelve and named it zel since I was 15. It used to be called george. It's been through a lot of throwing during it's existence, the poor rock's learning to fly...

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 Yaoi and Bishonen ai...

Wow, a friend just told me I was right about Yaoi and shonen ai. Apparently, according to articles about Media culture in japan, shonen ai does not represent what gay relationships are in japan. Japan is actually a very homophobic (fear of homosexuality) country. So, shonen ai and yaoi is not a promotion of gay japanese culture. It's actually oriented entierly to women. It's a transposition of female interrogations about love and interaction with the other gender, hence explaining why one of the characters is female-looking. So basicly, Yaoi really is fan-service O_O wow...a whole litterature genre entierly created to the satisfaction of fandom and the psychological questions of young girls. No wonder it's so popular! This changes my point of view about it entierly (well, I still don't like it, but hey..)

There is actually a big difference between Yaoi and Shounen ai and Gay ai. The first is sex-oriented, the second emotion oriented and the last is socially oriented (and the last is the one I claimed to be the best out of yaoi, sorry yaoi fans, din't realise it was a different category). Apparently the first thing that started the genre was Ribbon no kishi by Tezuka Osamu followed by Versailles no bara by Ikeda Ryoko.

Wow, thank you Fanny for the info O_O

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I have returned online for allllllllll to see! Welcome again folks, to Secondlina's den of madness, cartoons and mayhem..and possibly pizza. Guess that now, all I need to do is get my web site beck on. Geez i'm lazy...Anyways, longuer post when i'll have re-learned own LJ works...*groans*


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