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 Today I had a day off! As mentioned before, for the whole month of March, I took all Fridays off to work on Jabberwocky. So Today, I got up, prepared my stuff for the Geekfest convention that starts tomorrow and drew. While I was drawing, I decided to watch the "My little pony : Friendship is magic" series that [ profile] yamiloo , [ profile] earthstar_moon  and many others recommended. 

Damn. I kinda like it. 

I like the designs, I like the animation, I like the voice acting. Kinda like Samurai Jack, Tinkerbell, Avatar or Kim Possible, it's a kid's show that is quite watchable for adults. It was born from the imagination of Lauren Faust, who in addition of being a talented artist is deal model of what a female animator should be. She was also the animator of Sawyer on "Cats don't Dance". 

So yeah... I guess as I blast thru the episodes i'll have to think up of excuses to allow me to admit publicly that I like girly things and children's animation... Oh no, wait. guess that was already out in the open! Dodged a bullet there!

But seriously, it is a good show. It's the type of thing that I would buy on Dvd so that if ever have kids, they can watch it and instead of being annoyed by a bad, low-quality show, i'll be able to watch it with them and enjoy it. At least for the first 10 viewings or so. 

The show is all on youtube (for now), so check it out!

Oh, and have some centaur-rified versions of the ponies. I could not help myself. The only reason why these aren't inked and colored is Jabberwocky.

I've loved centaurs since I was a kid. When I was a kid, I even drew a study about a centaur transfert student (from Greece, of course) and his many adventures with his Canadian friends. Yeah, I was a dork that way.



Okay, back to work for me.

- Isa

He did.

Jun. 10th, 2009 11:25 pm
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What I like is that I draw so much that even during weeks where I don't really have time to draw, I have this pile of not used drawings and jokes. Such as this one. Oh, poor Link. But hey, for almost every prank I pull on him he gets me back. A lot. So i'm really the victim here!

I feel bad for Link. He's going thru a bit of a rough time. I'm not the greatest at being uplifting and supportive (people say i'm too rational and analytical). But I still try! At least i'm full of loving! I just hope he gets better and that things go better for him soon.

I spent my evening cutting pages for Rose. For those of you who don't know, cutting is the first step to making pages (for me anyways). How I draw pages is like so:
  • Cutting (aka drawing of where I want the panels to be, the bubbles and the characters generally. Usually not detailled sketches of poses and expressions)
  • Detailing (filling in the blanks and changing some panels for better ones)
  • Cleanup (removing the extra crap to get nice line drawings)
  • Inking (UUURGH)
  • Wording (aka inking of WORDS)
  • Scanning
  • Photoshop cleanup (Aka i'm too lazy to re-ink this so i'm cheating. Mwahahaha)
  • Coloring (if required)
I usually do the cutting half-way of the story/chapter (aka I cut 20 pages on 40 in the case of Rose), then finish that half up to inking, and then cut the other half and ink it. So i'm pretty much half-way finished with Rose. Minus the cleanup and extra drawings and stuff. Still. BOOYAH!

Other Booyah worthy statement - Futurama is returning. Oh yes. New seasons. On television. Oh, Glee!

I also bring you fanart that I drew during my lunch break. Behold - some Princess Tutu and some Avatar. I wanted to draw Genderswitch slayers too, but I guess inspiration didn't strike.

Heart in hand )

I LJ cut stuff now. You lucky you.

That's all for now folks! I'm going to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a crazy work day. Urgh. Also, I have to go see my family in the evening. I wonder what the heck my brothers are doing. My younger bro is going on a road trip and he wants me to find my old walkman tapes so he and his friends can have music on the trip (the car they are taking with them has a radio dating from last century, hence the tapes.) This makes me feel OOOOLD.

-Over n' Out!


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Very girly type of concern.

I would envy the hippy-like girls in my classes that decided that shaving-waxing-generally-removing female body hair was sexist and unatural and had the guts to keep theirs. I'm too self conscious for that. Plus, soft legs are... so soft! Oh, the softy! I shave my legs so I can rub them together and feel the soooooftness in my satin pyjamas :D

I started working on the underaged badass heroes drawing. It's going to be HUGE. But fun. Plus now I have ideas for other badass group images such as Badass Females. Badass Minorities. Badass Mommies (Yes, Mrs Weasley, you're in here!). Badass sword masters, etc. I also wanted to do People who have badass pets. LOL.

Man, i'm so tired and sick this weeka nd nothing gets done. I spend my time sleeping, at work thinking about sleeping, and watching anime on my labtop in bed. Health fail I am.

Not much Rose getting done this week.

p.s. Toronto Anime North - Must remember to call hotel tomorrow to confirm reservations are still A-ok! :D

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Dear people in the clothing industry,

Why do you hate pockets on women's clothing so much? Yes, I am aware there is this thing called "purse" but it's nice to have close, accessible pockets for bus cards and ipods. But if you want me to have my brests enjoy music too, then so be it.

Shocking revelation of the day: I think I may not talk about my work enough. A few people (namely, the_flowergirl, school friends and my aunt) seemed to think I was a full time artist. Hahahah. I WISH. But no, I have a job. I don't really talk about it much, mostly because it's so corporate. Even if I like it, talking about it is kinda well.... boring. Unless you're really into filing and website designing and event logistics planning (if so, hold on baby XD). But I work 8 to 5 in a small cubicle as a Communications Manager and then spend my evenings finishing contract, hence the lack of sleepage. I kinda wish I could a full time artist, but as they say: "In this economy, Dream on."

In dream related topics, Pixar just opened a studio in Vancouver, And they are HIRING. PEOPLE. LIKE. IT'S. ON. FIRE. Maybe you should look into that, Diane?

For Neshel: A sketch of badass chickipooes for her birthday: Elizabeth Swan, the Bride and River Tam. At first this was going to be serious, but Neshel needs so laughs nowadays, so funny drawing came along. I always though Elizabeth and Beatrix Kiddo were really polite people, when they weren't kicking your ass. Hence - TEA TOGETHER! The pile of unconcsious victims is decorative.

For Eveska: Jedah. I love his belt. Here's the concept sketch. Let me know if you like it. Also, if you have a specific pose or background that might work for him, let me know because it is hard to draw a commission when you don't know the character!

That's all for now. Currently online until about 9 as it is customary for me every sunday night :)

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You don't see that many islamic ladies with Burquas this time of year. It's a type of clothing that mixes badly with winter, snow and winter coats. Islamic religious garbs have always kindoff been in the middle of controversies. Lots of people claim it goes against women rights, other says that if the women does it for herself it's good, but then again, is she doing it for herself because she is brainwashed or because she honestly believes it brings her closer to god. Or maybe it's just a style of modest clothing, the same way a woman chooses to wear baggy pants over a mini skirt. Basically, it's complicated. I still think it looks kinda mystical and beautiful in it's own way. It still must suck to wear one in the winter.

Link came by this weekend and while we walked in the market on saturday, the weather was mighty fine. We did see three women in burquas walk by. 

On sunday, a much less gorgeous day (rain, rain! COLD rain!) Link and I saw some friends and also visited for the first time his new niece, Lumi. Lumi means "Snow" in finnish. Lumi's mom, Maria, is finnish. She's very small. I was worried about taking her in my arms because I drop everything. But they ended up passing her to me anyways. Figures, she got hungry while I holding her and started crying, which made me feel pretty bad. Ah, she's a cute little snowflake. No boy is ever gonna harm her - she has seven uncles. 

Link was a lot better at holding babies then me. I think he likes babies more then me. I prefer children. If they can outrun you, it's more then parenting, it's a challenge! *laughs*

I also saw Bolt with Link. Our favorite line in the movie in when poor Mittens is confronted with Bolt's "Buzz lightyear" syndrome (aka - I am really a superdog with a super laser stare) and says "Now, I feel concerned on a number of levels."



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Drawing by Yllya because she resumes it so well and I love her.

Around the LJ has been circulating some kind of  *express your geekdom* thing, du to the fact that the Sci-fi channel is changing it's name to Syfy to attract a larger demografic, play shows that don't fit in the Sci-fi style and also avoid being pinned as *a television channel for geeks, nerds and dweebs.*

Working in communications, I can see why they did that. Even if being a geek, or an otaku, or a nerd, or whatnot, is now a culture in itself rather then just a cultural sideline to the cool and normal people, most people still see it as a sub-culture of sweaty fanboys. Sci-fi (or rather Syfy) is not trying to offend geeks. It's trying to attract the muggles who still believe in the fanboy stereotype. I just hope they do it well, because in the process of gaining a larger audience, they might scare off their original audience who already openly mock them for trying. I admire them for trying, but I wish to remind them that a hell hath no fury like a geek wrongned and that while they try to call in the muggle democrafic, they gonna make sure not to flip off the geeky demographic that paid for their programming for 16 long years.

But back to the geek pride thing. Yes, geekdom has alwats been kindoff a sideline to the muggles. But now, it's a culture. And it's a pretty rich and economically flourishing culture. The same way homosexuality is now associated to a culture when it used to be all hush-hush. Now geeks stick out their palm pilots and wear their leet t-shirts outside in the real world because geek is chic. However, the flop-sweating fanboy still exists. That's the thing with stereotypes, they don't concern everybody, but the fact that they exist and resist to time so gosh darn hard is because they do live and breathe and small numbers. And those small numbers are what the muggles see because... well, the chic geeks look too close to muggles. They aren't scary and are therefore ignored (unless you climb a mailbox and scream yatta!) when the awkward fanboy in a corner is pointed and laughed at because he's got obvious defects. Ah, fear of the unknown...

The way it breaks down to is that ALL social groups are stereotyped in some way and that all social groups feed off the stereotypes of the other groups. The jocks, the pops, the fashions, the geeks, the nerds, the goths, the greasers, the punks, etc. Please confirm that like...a million stereotyped images jumped in your head when you read that. Otherwise you are lying.

Bottom line is, be proud of your demographic, and realise that others will always see in you a stereotype. But then they get to know you and realise geek is chic and you're pretty cool. Whether you're greatest memory when you were twelve was kissing that awesome boy in class or beating the crap out of Secret of Mana it's all okay. What's important is how happy you are. Don't be a geek just because you don't fit in with the other groups. Be a geek because you love it. I know I do.

As a final note, I think the best part of being in a democraphic like *geek* and loving it is that you yourself, get to openly mock your own stereotype.

Over and out.

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For some reason, men seem to think holding a pencil requires balls. 
Go to any special comic meeting and the idiot in charge of the interviews will spot you, hunt you down and ask you the same damn question the've been asking for 20 years thinking they are helping out a feminist statement doing so.


I'm wondering why this is still a question that needs to be asked. 

In european and american comics, the place of women is still relatively minimal. In european, comics for girls tend to be either unisex comics or sinfully girly ones. The comic audience is still men. I remember reading Spirou (the france equivalent of Jump but for french comics) and they had this special about women in comics. They showed a bunch of "comic heroines" and did a little article about female comic autors. The comic heroines almost all came from series where they serve as eye candy on the side. The article showed a few women from the beginning of the comic book industrie, followed by a gap in time and then a few more artists. American comics have the same odd problem. Comic for girls tend to be unisex (like runaways) or girly (Mary-oh-shoot-me-now-jane). I appreciate the quality of the unisex comics but i'm not sure I appreciate the girly side too much, especially since a lot of those girly comics and written and illustrated by men. 

I remember reading an article about the artist from Y: the last man who is female. She was telling the journalist how she was denied to work on several series because her artwork was "girly" Girly? GIRLY?!! It's the most basic american style ever! It's very similar to fable's drawing style...So how is it girly?

Manga is by far the comic industrie that gives the most space to women, which is most likely why so many of the anime fans are girls. They can relate more to that product. Even then though, Japan is a pretty darn sexist country: Ozamu Tekuza had to cross dress one of his heroins so that she could ride a horse and fight with a sword without putting some of the reader's parents into comatose shock. 

So what is the place of woman in the comic world? I'm not sure. Their place in the fanbase is obviously growing as the place of geek-ess is becoming less and less diminitive socially and more and an association with a group of people.  Geek is not something that marginalizes you anymore. The internet helps a lot. Most of the internet is porn, but a very good segment is dedicated to fandom. Inside the panels, some women still dress with string. I don't think that will ever change. I mean, they style make Jame bond style movies. It's difficult to stop treating women like objects. Men are also starting to be treated like objects in the media too. It's definitly a problem to be looked into.

As for woman in comiking. Humm. That role is growing too. In Japan and Europe, there is a lot of mangaka and bédéistes who are female. However not all of them can find serious work, often because of their "girly (?????)" style. (un)Suprisingly, the american comic business is still pretty hard to get into. It's totally a boy's club there. But then again, it's also a very dog-eat-dog world, so it's hard for everybody. Being the "weaker" (sic) sex just makes you look like an easier victim.


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As a side note, i've been meaning to buy a chapters card for a while now, and I had so much fun there today (and I was buying a lot of books) that I decided to get one from Jessica, so she would get the brownie points (I was thinking about you at the time, yuki!)

I do realised that Jessica might have been faking her niceness, but all in all, I had a great time and she was really helpful ^_^



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