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Lots of random stuff. And a Warrick. And a mermaid with a hook hand. And a drawing of Katara and Sokka as adults : 

Adult avatar characters )

I'm so sleepy on weekends. seriously. I can't seem to get my butt out of bed before 11. What's up with that? I want to work!

Yesterday night I watched some robot chicken with a friend and then watched Toy Story 1 while I sketched. 

I have to admit, 3D animation seems to age a lot less gracefully then 2-D animation. However, I believe that 3-D animation is now at a stage where it's good enough to start aging gracefully. And pretty much the only 2-D animation that ages gracefully is high-quality stuff. Older anime and tv cartoons?  Ouch. Look at those age lines.

Daria aged pretty gracefully (aside from the fashion being really out of fashion, that poor fashion club!) but then again, it was never really that much into moving and really focused on the dialogue instead.

- Isa
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Full Metal Alchemist Fanart now under cut by request (potential spoilers) )

I like fullmetal alchemist. I watched the first series. A part of the brotherhood one and read about 20 books of the manga. I still read the manga as it's translated to french (we are up to the 24th book. I'm a little behind).

I love the characters, and both versions of the story. Then again, I'm the type of person that really appreciate all versions and adaptations of stories (like "Howl's Moving Castle" for instance) because I like to see the different ideas people can bring. That's why I also adore fairy tales.

However, I have to admit, I was pleased to see the manga's ending was a happy one. I caved, despite not being up to that point, I read the last two chapters online (tantalizing posts and art by people is tantalizing!) I was very happy and moved by the ending. I prefer this ending to the bittersweet ending of the movie "Conqueror of Shamballa" (even though I found the idea of our world being beyond the gate kinda cool).

Happy frolicking characters are awesome.

Opinions with spoilers )

Now that I know FMA has a an ending, i'm more inclined to buy the book myself rather then just borrow them from my brother. Inuyasha and Bleach caused me to spend more money then I wanted on books. At least with FMA I know it's a good story with a limited amount of volumes. And pretty art.

Goodbye, Fullmetal cast. Thank you for entertaining us in your various existing storylines and formats. We'll miss you.

- Isa
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Once more, it takes other people's eyes to get me to see obvious things *laughs*

In the last post where I whined about my coloring, the following points were brought up as a list of ways I could make it better :

- Fill backgrounds with lines, background elements or textures
- Work on the mood rather then exact coloring things (aka my sky is blue because skies are suppose to be blue)
- Keep shadowing discreet so it doesn't overpower the inking
- Dark ink lines should be associated with darker colors, or at least surrounded by darker colors (if the character is pale)
- work in various shades
- If the drawing is mostly white, do strong color accents.

I tried applying all the things you guys said in a test. Here it is!

I'm quite happy with the result. The drawing looks nice and the coloring looks nice too. What do you guys think?

I shoudl have seen this before. My "How to train your dragon" fanart that everybody adored was composed of dark colors. I basically need stuff to look balanced in relation to the strong, gritty, inked lines.

I still want to learn how to color the "painterly way" so that I have more then one coloring style. With more then one coloring style and more then one drawing style I will be UNSTOPPABLE !!!!! (MWAHAHAHAHA)


This weekend, I went to a convention meeting and friend's birthday. I'm going to be working at a Montréal convention called geek fest. Hosting a little drawing activity. It was a fun meeting. A lot of my suggestions were very appreciated!

The birthday party was for a college friend called Julie. It was also fun. The food was great! Thoguh it made me realise why I never eat in restaurants anymore. I can barely finish half my plates. I'm just not a big eater anymore.

During the con meeting, sketches were made. Behold :

Sketchiness )

Okay, so i'm like... very positive right now. Thank you guys. You are all made of awesome.

- Isa

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Just a little fanart I did while I was lying around today. Today I was really tired and sickly. Bright new levels of Isa zombirism. Oh well.

It's Rue, a character from the anime "Princess Tutu". There's a segment in the show where she's swallowed by the villain, a giant crow. Now, this is where japanese people are strange. For some reason, when you reach certain levels of badness, there's weird things in your body. In this giant crow's body, there is apparently room for a barren wasteland covered in dying plants and dancing skeletons. I mean, obviously.

The prince eventually comes to save here, shedding a tunnel of light right before his entrance. It's a cool scene. I like it.

Yeah,t his resume makes her sound weak, but she's actually quite the strong character. I was talking to putri_nih today about how most of the strong women in cinema we can think of (REAL strong women. Those who are feminine as much as badass) are all animated. The worse cases of "save me i'm in trouble" girls are also animated. Talk about that.

Going back in a sickly ball now *curls up*

- Isa
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Little drawing I did for the "Picture yourself in Wonderland" contest on deviant art. You're suppose to draw yourself as a character. 

I could not decide if I wanted to be Alice or the Hatter, so I decided to be both. Kinda how in the "Wizard of Oz" movie, everyone had a "Oz" and a "normal" version, i'm half-Alice, half-hatter, depending on how much wits or craziness a situation requires.

The hat is the rabbit hole.

I figured I might as well try for the contest since a) I love contests and b) prizes are cool. I might not win, but it's worth a shot!

I'm pretty much down my "silly drawings for the week" phase. Next up, actual comic pages and commissions. I've been falling behind. Bad, bad Isa.

Oh, I got the "Art of Avatar - the last airbender" in the mail today. I was hoping for more Toph art, and more "fun art that animators did for laughs" but I still love the book. You can really see how the project evolved. It's quite awesome. Makes me want to watch episodes.

I also got my slayers DvDs. I want to watch that too. Oh, decisions!

- Isa
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So i,ve been using HTTYD fanart and comics to practice sketching with the blue pencil, inking and coloring in the style I want to use for my webcomic Namesake.

Why "How to train your dragon" fanart? Because it's easier to focus on the technique if you don't think too hard on the character designs. Also, it's fun to draw.

The drawing above is a pretty good example of the inking, drawing and coloring style I want to use for Namesake. I find this to be decent looking while still being really fast. I started this drawing around 7h30pm last night. Finished around 1ham. So that's about... 4 and a half hours. That's pretty fast! At this speed, I could garantee three updates every week without it taking over my life or without it preventing me from working on my contracts, published comic pages, commissions or LJ posts.

What do you guys think? Would this count as good art? Good webcomic art? Should I change stuff? Would you read something drawn like this?

Thank you all for your opinion!


EDIT : if you're all interested - it's an "How to train your dragon" fanart that focused on Hiccup, Astrid and Toothless' scars, and kinda showed how Toothless was a big kitty that likes to crawl in bed. Hiccup is the proud owner of the biggest bed in all of Berk.
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No offence to Miyazaki, who is, or course, a God in human form. Seriously. The guy really stands up for his beliefs and his work and doesn't take crap from Disney executives. The distribute his movies on his terms. And if they stray from the path, he sends them a katana. 

No. Really.

I went back down the nostalgia road and got a bootleg version of a Ghibli movie. Not by Miyazaki, but by his son : Tales of Earthsea. It's not coming to Canada for a while because of that weird TV series they made of it taking the distribution rights for the title. And now, I remember why we used to buy Chinese bootleg. Gotta love it.

One day left before my departure to Florida!

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 For fun, I decided to age up Charlie Brown characters after a friend of mine commented that if someone re-drew Charlie Brown strips with teens/adults, it would be full of sexual innuendo, violence and general weirdness. I might actually try that.


And, because someone will bring it up in the comments, what's the deal with Marcie and Peppermint Patty. A lot of people dubbed them as lesbians because one is the frail smart one and the other is the sporty, boyish one. And one of them calls the other sir. And they are always together. But what about all those story lines where Peppermint patty pines after Charlie Brown and Marcie helps her out? I'm just gonna satisfy everyone by saying they are bi and Charlie Brown is going to have a threesome. If he ever stops focusing on the red-haired girl.

Also, Franklin is hot.

I have a filthy mind.



Feb. 7th, 2010 06:17 pm
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 Well, I haven't posted a drawing in about a week. Artist fail. 

I was pretty busy this week at work, pulled in some extra hours. But despite that, I still didn't draw much at all. So, this week, I pondered a bit on my lack of motivation.

I love to draw, there's no question there. I've got a few projects, solo and with partners about to hit the ground running, so I really need to focus my energy in drawing. So why can't I focus long enough to sit at my drawing table?

I though about it, and maybe it's because i've changed environements. I was pretty depressed for a while. I kinda jumped into a job (even jobs, plural) before really being settled in Montréal. I isolated myself from some people, put a lot of effort into meeting others, and never really took care of making my studio creative-friendly. Some of my material even died (death to the computer and some of my favorite paintbrushes). So really, this kinda seems like the good old saying "If you don't love yourself, you can't love others" but reformalated as "If you don't feel stable, you can't create". 

It seems kinda true. I need to find my center again. I need to find the fun in creating again. I was doing really well for a while and suddently it went "poof" after I got ROSE published and moved. Isa needs to meditate on her creative side for some. Drawing needs to stop being associated with stress in my brain. 

In other news, the "(avatar) The Last Airbender" movie trailer is out (and on youtube). Obviously, the internet exploded (much like when the dub cast for the new Slayers seasons got announced). I think the imagery looks cool. It kinda sucks that they put giant rock music instead of a more traditionnal, epic, asian-y tune, but that's hardly the director's fault. It's the marketing department. And often, marketing departments know NOTHING of the movie when they make the trailer (seriously. I worked marketing. All we get is a tiny report to created something. No joke.)

Personally, I think it would make a great trailer if they just re-did the animated show's opening narration and associated it to images from the movie. In any case, here's an image to celabrate the potentially good or bad movie (i'm still waiting to see it to give judgement...)

Cute neh? I love drawing Katara and Aang.

Here's a question to the slayers fans on my list : Don't you think the voices kinda sound different despite the fact that it's the same cast? Aside from Crispin Freeman, you can really feel 10 years passed. Oh well. It's still cool that they did that.

Over and out.

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 Another late xmas gift for [ profile] ichiban_victory  : A crossover fanart of Slayers and the old Disney animated series "Gargoyles". Here, we have Lina and Gourry in Gargoyle form. I gave Lina a few of Demona's attributes since Demona was a Gargoyle who learned magic. Seemed to fit.

I've posted a lot of drawings lately but very few comics. I'm sorry! I'm more into a awesome colored drawing mood then a funny comic mood lately. I don't know why. But I have a few comics I want to draw - expect a comic on the next post!

Ooooh, I can't end the post without showing this to you guys! You know the Muse that pops from time to time on this journal? Well she gets fanart by the talented [ profile] kokumi009 ....


Over and out.

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Matrix happened because nobody read the user manuals.

It's been a slow week. I worked a lot to finish some work-related projects. So I didn't draw much. On Wednesday, I went out to meet some new people, a big group of geeks. It was fun and I look forward to seeing them again. Since I was in Chinatown I also bought enough japanese candy to fuel me for quite some time. 

I also read some more of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. It's confusing super ultra mega crossover series by Clamp. But it's good, sorta, if you don't think too hard about the fact that there is about 5 of each Sakura and Syaoran, all potentially related or clones and that none of them may actually be the Card Captor versions.

I like Clamp, I really do. But they seem to do the best series ever and the worse series ever. X/1999 and Clover are amazing comics, even despite the fact that they have no ending. However, things like "Suki, A Like story" are just terrible. I'm still deciding if Tsubasa goes in the good or bad category. It's not bad per say, but it's so confusing that even the characters are stating outright that they don't know what's happening.

Clow Reed is the real god of their multiverse. I would believe it to be an acceptable twist if Reed would suddently reveal that he's the one that created Cephiro in the form of Mokona. That would explain why Yuuko used the same creature to create "transporters" in Tsubassa. I mean, it doesn't make sense, people have copies of themselves in some worlds once in a while. But inter-dimensional gods should not have interdimensional copies of themselves lying around.

It's clear, no matter the series, no matter the form of Sakura, that she was always meant to be Clow's chew toy/mess picker-upper. If I was her, I would have inserted my star wand deep in the butt of whichever version of Clow I could get my hands on.

Oh and in the last chapter, we see the possibly future/past sakura that may, or may not be, the clone version's reincarned form (though she most likely is). She's now friends with the Magic Knight Rayearth school girls trio. I wonder if they are the "canon" MRK trio? That would have made an intresting bonding moment : "I have the power to cross space and time to other dimensions." "wow us too." "Cool, let's be BFFs forever and on all planes of existence."


Confusing manga side... I started doing the finished, colored versions of the Creepy Sailor Moon characters. Check it!

Again, like I told you guys when I posted the sketches, I based the creepiness on the sailor's stories and powers. Mercury is "drowning" because of her water powers. Princess Serenity has a death wish because, in the manga version, she takes her own life after her boyfriend prince Endymion bites it. I think she dies with him in the anime version. Suicide is a little not-kid-friendly.

Mars is fire based, hence her creepy form. I turned Venus into a heart (man) - eater since a lot of her attacks sound S&M and that she killed in her spin-off manga her one true love (in her defense, he was evil and working for beryl while she was being Sailor V). I didn't change much about Saturn. She does destroy the universe in the canon. 

Anyways, I gotta go pack. This weekend i'm visiting my parents in Ottawa and my friend Fauve.

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It looks cool! I tried to keep the colors light. When I put black lines over strong colors it looks bleh. And I really wanted to put black lines.

Tomorrow, my friend Fauve and Melissa (along with a large cast of people) are coming over to Montréal to celebrate their birthday. I guess they think Montréal is DAH place to be or something. Whatever man, I get to party. With friends. And cake. And presents. And Rockband. Heee!



Jan. 12th, 2010 10:46 pm
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Slayers Fanart sketch, for dqbunny's late xmas present. At first, I was going to draw her a more adult themed Slayers fanart. But, then I started thinking about stuff and trying out sketches. I started thinking about the Slayers buddy-family unit ("Nakama") and how awesome it was. This is pretty much based on the anime, since they are somewhat separated a lot in the novels and in the manga. If they keep doing anime seasons, they might separate them there too for plot reasons (or not, god knows zel brings in the estrogen brigade...) So I kinda wanted a little friendship based picture, because this is one of the great characteristics of the anime and because it's also thanks to them that she and I are friends.

Also, I can't draw dirty scenes to save my life. I keep feeling like the character is about to turn around and glare at me for it. Heh. My sweet innocent soul.

And yep, the image is going to have a frame with body-soul-heart-mind symbols, one for each of the four characters.

And there will be bright colors!!!

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Recycle, or Toph and the Kodoma will get you...

Poster drawn in reference to this Earth Day themed comic.

This is also a late chrismas present for [ profile] earthstar_chan , along with this Spice and Wolf Fanart :

Aside from that nothing much to report. I am getting tired of the stupid internet. Seriously. I'm about to run a giant cable thru the apartment, even if it looks like crap.

I seem to have gotten back my drive for art. Unfortunately, I also started getting nightmares again. When I was in the "bleh, no projects" mood, my sleep was blissfully empty. Now I start back again and I feel motivated once more and not even two days later, the return of the nightmares. Link theorizes that I have nightmares when i'm stressed, and even though projects are motivating, they are also stressful. Maybe I need to start collecting dreamcatchers?

- Isa
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For ichiban_victory's birthday... An image of her paladin character Relina. Everyone has been giving her Relina's this year, strangely all based on a design of Relina I created a while ago. And now I do a full circle and design her a new classy special occasion armor (It's kinda like those special ad dresses that are all pimped up for Disney Princesses. You don't wear these in battle. You wear them to be PRETTY and Honorific.)


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I'm not too sure what to say about this new year, aside from "Happy New Year, everybody". 2009 went okay, but sorta ended on this extreme fatigue professionally, emotionally and artistically. I seem to have lost some things with the end of 2009 as I was gaining others. I feel a little brain sick, maybe. I'm hoping 2010 will be better - it's full of promise. A new year for comics, for travelling to the USA and to Japan, for comics about travelling (lol) and of course, a brand new year to finally learn the tips and trick to good photoshop coloring (you people on my f-list who color? Please tell me your secrets!)

My internet is still crappy. Link and I bought a new router, more powerful then the scrappy one we had. We assumed our internet stopped a lot because the wireless signal was too weak (the building is full of wireless signals. They interfere). The new router is actually broken. We both agreed our internet connection is cursed.

For new years I didn't do much - I don't havbe many friends in this new city and i'm sure the few I have were quite busy. I just went to see Sherlock Holmes with Link and hate some delicious restaurant food. Sherlock was cool, it kinda felt like someone put a bunch of books in a mixer and added some american movie spirit... But it was still a fun and distracting movie.

I made some drawings for a few secret santas on various communities (Mainly, Slayers and Princess Tutu). If you are on my f-list and I am possibly your secret santa, please don't click on the link to see the picture XD.

Slayers secret santa: click here for image
I call this one "Shadow over your heart". It's a piece about Lina's relation to the villains of the series. It's about her fear of them, her regret over killing some of them and also about her learning from them (as LON is in the group). Both bad and good influences of the "villains" casted a shadow on her heart. But friendly support is present is the form of the hands of her friends (and in a way... didn't zel use to be an enemy? Sorta adds to it.)

Princess tutu secret santa : click here for image
"Told Backwards" is an image showing the protagonists in different roles then the ones from the anime. Ahiru is the heartless golden bird, Tutu is her crow-cursed form. Rue is the female knight looking over her. Fakir is the son of the monster crow. And Mytho is the transforming swan trying to gather missing heart shards. If Princess tutu was a deconstructiong of classic fairytales, I think having Mytho as the heart seeker would have been an interesting deconstruction of the magical girl genre...

S'all for now methinks. I'm gonna go play on the playstation. I got a game called "Mini-ninjas". It's... way too much fun.

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Today was the most frustrating day. Everything claiming to be bad happened, short of finding Zool in my refrigerator. Urgh. Why? Universe, did I piss you off?

So I drew these Avatar the last airbender fanarts today to vent my frustration. I call them <Avatar - Bended dresses> or <Stuff Isa draws instead of her *real* work because she is about to throw a table thru the window and send flying monkeys to attack the elderly>.... I like how they turned out though.

The first one is basically Katara and Aang creating a Water dress and the second is Zuko and Mai generating a fire dress (I know Mai can't control fire but she submits it to her will with her sheer awesome).

I drew these on watercolor paper so I can color them later...

Rejected ideas:

Cool drawings. Bad day. I need to call my dentist tomorrow. I think I might have some wisdom tooth coming in.... It hurts....

Tvtrope is an hypnotic website of doom. Even XKCD agrees.


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To celebrate the coming of two animated movies, The Princess and the Frog and Ponyo, who seem to have a similar theme (human falling in love with creature and creature falling in love with human and wishing to become human), I decided to draw fanart. But not ANY fanart. Oh no. Here is a list of Animated Beauties (both male and female) and their beasties.  Lo and Behold, the pretty and the cute!

Bell opens the ball of course, she's the best-known example.


Missing from the list: Storm/Nightcrawler - The characters from Ponyo - Sophie/Bird!Howl - Fakir/Ahiru

This was really fun to draw. I want to color them all and put them on deviant art.

I strongly encourage everyone to go see Ponyo and The Princess and the Frog. The movies look really good (or at least visually stimulating) and both are distributed by Disney. This is basically Disney, testing his ground. Even though they now can match Pixar on the technical level in 3D animation, they know that 3D animation is Pixar's domain. They also know that traditional animation is seen as their domain... they have been gradually returning to traditional animation, testing the audience (namely with Enchanted.) The Frog Princess is them seeing if it's worth (on a $ squale) returning to traditional animation on a regular one-movie-every-three-years basis. So please, go see it in theatres. Disney apparently needs a big box-office blowout to convince themselves to re-hire their animators. It sucks, but Disney is first and foremost a business. But they offer a quality product, so why not give them a reason to make it?

Ponyo comes out in theatres here on August 14 and The Princess and the Frog on December 11.

(Did anybody else noticed that Disney used the same font as Nemo for the title of Ponyo?)


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Well. I got the official release date for Rose. AUGUST 29, 2009.

Which means all pages must be done for July 23, 2009.

Dear God.

I still have about half to draw.

I already spoke to my boss about taking one day off every week to work. This might shoot my new york trip down the tube... But I really need more time. Also, first published book versus fun times in America? gotta set the priorities straight. I am building myself a schedule to draw one-two pages per day, minimum. Don't be surprised if you don't hear much of me, or see much of me or have many drawings on this blog for the next month (I'll still try to update at least bi-weekly)...


Have a hopeful Steampunk lina to compensate!

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For [ profile] eveshka the commission is finally finished! I really love, love the result! I tried to include the awesome coat and I think I did really well. Let me know what you think!!!!!!!!

Aside from that, I went to a Wake today. The Wake was for a friend of the family, or rather her father, who was murdered by his tenants. It's a pretty horrible story. Sometimes I can't believe people...It was young people too, barely adults. I feel shame for my generation.

On a more positive note, all the family went and when we got home, we had a good family dinner. My little brother even got home on time - he was gone on a road trip with friends and came in right when dinner got to the table. I also managed to draw 4 pages this weekend. YAY!

Here, a few more Princess Tutu fanarts. I'm really into drawing this series. It's a fun series. Fans of things like Sailor Moon and Card Captor Sakura can only fall in love with it. I know I did!

Tutu-ness )

Speaking of Card Captor Sakura, i'm rather angry. It's now impossible to find the books and the Dvds at decent prices because the license expired and the french company went down under. Hell! I have money now! Let me buy you, anime series!!!!!

So if anybody sees a complete series of Sakura for a decent price or wishes to part with theirs, let me know. I'll be glad to go for it!

Over and Out.



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