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Hahahahahah oh god I forgot to update for a week. Sorry guys. I have no idea where my head went.

I drew the drawing above of Emma and Warrick (from Namesake) in fancy clothing. I didn't like it that much until I shaded it. Now I kinda like it a lot. I wanted to draw them in evening wear. It's for a bookplate, aka something you sign and insert in the books you sale. Megan though it would be a great way for us to sign all the books we sold at the Namesake Kickstarter despite the distance (400 books aren't going to travel across the border easily). I figured the bookplate deserved a classy drawing.

Aside from that, i've been talking to some folks lately about Quebec and Canadian folklore. I love our folklore. It's really dark and interesting. And the Devil is our main bad guy. No, really. He keeps trying to steal souls. People keep telling me I should make an illustration book or comic about that. First of all, because I know and like them. And second, because there's actually a high demand in schools for a pretty book on this subject. It's honestly wonderful folklore, it mixes native believes with Catholic beliefs. But it's... It's really creepy. There's a lot of death and dismemberment. I'd have trouble adapting it in a format where kids can read this without dying of fear.

I'll have to think about it. Another project for the "do eventually" pile.

Happy Easter weekend, everyone!!

- Isa
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To resume the bedbug issue : my friend Fauve hooked me up with a website saying that according to Montréal law, extermination of certain pests where to be organized and paid by the landlord himself, the list of pests included bed bugs. So despite what them concierge told me, I contacted my landlord directly and voilà, my apartment is going to be hosting an extermination team on Friday. And I don't have to pay for it.

Before the exterminators show up, me and Link basically have to clean EVERYTHING in the apartment and wash everything and anything that may be composed of fabric, even in the rooms that are not the bedroom. So, my apartment is gradually becoming cleaner then it's ever been, ever. Not that i'm usually messy, but DANG, THIS IS REALLY ANAL CLEANING.

I had to toss out a few things, pillows and Megatron, the giant carnival tiger plushy. I'm a little sad about that.

So, I guess I was lucky in my bad luck. Still, we have so much work ahead of us (about 70 loads of laundry. I kid you not).

Art of the day! This one is for putri-nih. It's her own original characters from a comic called "Changeling". I really like her characters because the one with the floaty scarf? That's a kid that is part-fairy, based on the "Tennin" legend.

Tennin can fly thanks to their colored or feathered kimonos, called hagoromo ("dress of feathers"), also represented by something I like to designate as "Floaty wavy scarf of awesome". In some legends, tennin are unable to fly without these kimonos (and thus cannot return to heaven). In a Noh play called Hagoromo, tennyo come to the earth and take off their hagoromo. A fisherman spies them and hides their clothes in order to force one to marry him. After some years he tells his wife what he did, and she finds her clothes and returns to heaven.

Yes, this is similar to the story of the Muses in Greek legend. And the story of the swan maidens in western fairy tales. And it was used in the anime "Ayashi no Ceres". It's also really awesome.

- Isa
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Sketch for [ profile] dqbunny  of our Namesake characters, Alice and Jack. I decided to color it because I almost never finish any Namesake sketches, aside from the comic pages. And that's not cool.

[ profile] dqbunny  is a pretty epic Alice/Jack shipper. Though it doesn't mean the couple is official or anything. OR IS IT? QUICK, LOOK AWAY TO THE SHINY NOT-PLOT RELATED DISTRACTION!

I love drawing Alice. Why? Because her proportions are non-existent. I mess up her proportions on purpose to make her crazy skinny with long legs. That's how I wanted the character to look. I wanted her to be mostly legs. She was one of the character that really came to life quickly. She has almost always looked like this. Her costume was a little different before, and she had long hair for a few sketches, but Alice really came together quickly, with a side of hot badass.

I love awesome ladies in books/movie/tv series. I'm a little sad that some turn out to be less badass then promised. In a lot of comics, a girl is shown as powerful, capable, awesome... And then she winds up getting saved all the time. Sometimes it's because the villains are just too strong. But really, how come the hero gets to win then? I find that odd.

Another odd thing of the week. I was re-reading my Sailor Moon mangas and noticed something a little ridiculous. Mamoru (Tuxedo mask), in the 16th book, leaves for the USA to study. And Usagi (Bunny/Serena/Sailor moon) is sad, because she won't get to see him often. Then, about a chapter later, you see this same girl teleport to another country and other sailors teleport to other planets! HELLO? Why is she even sad? SHE CAN TELEPORT? I love this series, but I think it's hilarious that everytime I read it, I notice something that doesn't work with the logic of their own universe. Weird.

- Isa

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 A creepy version of Snow-White :

Snow white is like... some kind of necromancer and she's taking control of dwarves, a prince and defeating her step-mother.

I love her fairy tales can inspire different imagery for so many, ranging from nice and clean to outright scary. Fairy tale motifs are just... amazing to play with.

I,m really in the Halloween mood *laughs*

Birthday sketch for [ profile] mirai17  (better known as avatarmirai on deviant). She and I share the fickle fanartist gene. Whenever we fall in love with a series, it temporarely pushes the other series out of our vision for a least a few months. She just go into Hetalia. So Hiccup is suffering.

Aside from that, not much to report. I,m going to be out and about again today. Should try to be home on Thursday and Friday to get drawing done. Whew. Getting tired already and it's only Wednesday. I seriously wonder where my time goes.

Got to eat at a fantastic restaurant with a good friend yesterday though. 

- Isa


Aug. 13th, 2010 08:21 am
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 Feeling sick-ish again. 

Sick, girly TMI )

 At least the weekend is here! Yaaaaay.

This weekend, my friend Fauve is visiting. There's a con in Montreal (Otakuthon) and it's also my friend's Sofi's birthday. So I won't be drawing much this weekend. But it's okay. dqbunny is still tweaking out the dialogue for the first chapter of Namesake, so I can take a drawing break. I managed to finish drawing the prologue! Yaaaay! :D IT'S ADVANCING YOU GUYYYYYS!

I'll leave you guys with these following fairy tale pictures. They aren't drawn by me. They are from a really old fairy tale book my mom found at work (she's the library technician at the Eduction Ressource Center of the Ottawa University). They have really amazing fairy tale books! And most of these are going to go into storage pretty soon. So sad...

Beautiful images of beauty and the beast. )


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Why is this so fun to draw? I don't even knoooooow. It makes no sense!

When Vladimir Nabokov wrote "Lolita", I bet he wasn't expecting to inspire Japanese fashion movements.

I'm pissed off. My carpets are now all smelly. Due to the leaking, yellow water. I want to go complain to my landlord and pin the cleaning bill for the carpets on him. Oh, my beautiful middle eastern carpet! Noooo! I'm really hoping nothing is dripping on my drawing table while i'm away. My fury will be limitless. Link thinks the elak is due to them emptying out the radiators upstairs and doing a half-assed job. Awesome.

In funner news, i'm going to go see Inception this weekend.  Seems like a good trippy movie. I want to see it.

In just occurred to me that, since I don't have cable, I won't be able to watch the new Futuramas or the new Avatar episodes when they come out. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

I think there's a few places I can find them online, but most of those places don't allow you to watch if you are in Canada. *sniffles*

- Isa

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 Not much happening today. Woke up REALLY LATE. Guess I needed more sleep then I though.

I managed to watch the second episode of the new futurama season. Oh, Zap Brannigan. I love to watch that stupid idiot in action. He's so hilarious. Fry and Leela is still cute as hell.

Managed to draw two little drawings before bed yesterday. First, this How to Train your dragon fanart. It's for a collaboration with [ profile] mirai17  (aka avatarmirai on deviant art) I love the expressions on this drawing. Everyone is so happy. I can just hear Hiccup asking everyone if they want to go on an adventure and everyone teasing him that they would not leave him behind and are ready for action. Oh, everybody is a few years older, explaining the longer hair, chin hair and Fishlegs gaining 500 levels in badass.

I am amused that Hiccup's voice actor is a French Canadian living in Montréal. I dream of meeting him on the street and giving him a sketch...

Speaking of things inspired by the norse, this ink sketch is for [ profile] spankingfemme . Happy birthday! I wanted to draw you frolicking with Loki and Thor. sorry if the costumes are inaccurate, I don't know these characters really well. And the internet didn't provide pictures of them from the same decade. Fortunately, Link likes them, so he was able to tell me that Loki's horns and Thor's round-chest-plate-thingnies are apparently must-haves on their costumes. Enjoy!

Isa want cookies now.

- Isa

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Just a little fanart I did while I was lying around today. Today I was really tired and sickly. Bright new levels of Isa zombirism. Oh well.

It's Rue, a character from the anime "Princess Tutu". There's a segment in the show where she's swallowed by the villain, a giant crow. Now, this is where japanese people are strange. For some reason, when you reach certain levels of badness, there's weird things in your body. In this giant crow's body, there is apparently room for a barren wasteland covered in dying plants and dancing skeletons. I mean, obviously.

The prince eventually comes to save here, shedding a tunnel of light right before his entrance. It's a cool scene. I like it.

Yeah,t his resume makes her sound weak, but she's actually quite the strong character. I was talking to putri_nih today about how most of the strong women in cinema we can think of (REAL strong women. Those who are feminine as much as badass) are all animated. The worse cases of "save me i'm in trouble" girls are also animated. Talk about that.

Going back in a sickly ball now *curls up*

- Isa
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Little drawing I did for the "Picture yourself in Wonderland" contest on deviant art. You're suppose to draw yourself as a character. 

I could not decide if I wanted to be Alice or the Hatter, so I decided to be both. Kinda how in the "Wizard of Oz" movie, everyone had a "Oz" and a "normal" version, i'm half-Alice, half-hatter, depending on how much wits or craziness a situation requires.

The hat is the rabbit hole.

I figured I might as well try for the contest since a) I love contests and b) prizes are cool. I might not win, but it's worth a shot!

I'm pretty much down my "silly drawings for the week" phase. Next up, actual comic pages and commissions. I've been falling behind. Bad, bad Isa.

Oh, I got the "Art of Avatar - the last airbender" in the mail today. I was hoping for more Toph art, and more "fun art that animators did for laughs" but I still love the book. You can really see how the project evolved. It's quite awesome. Makes me want to watch episodes.

I also got my slayers DvDs. I want to watch that too. Oh, decisions!

- Isa
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 Some of you may know (I wrote about it a few times), i'm working on expanding and creating a webcomic based on the idea behind the Oziad jokes I did a while back. The webcomic project has started, and i'm hoping to have the whole thing up and running by the end of the year. 

The webcomic would be a mix of fairytales and the fact that characters can travel to one or another. The story revolves around two sisters, Emma and Elaine, and the powers of names. A lot of characters got added and the story expanding a lot from the original joke. But fear not, the Wicked Warlock of the West still made it to the final cut (his name is not Link anymore though... But I kept his design. I liked it too much!)

The webcomic got a name "Namesake". And I have a delightful partner in crime to share the burden of starting a project like this.

I'll expand more on the story when it will be more concrete. Actually, I'm gonna keep the story a secret I think. But you guys will get to see development drawings.

I was spending a lot of time trying to find a style for "Namesake". Unlike the Oziad, Namesake is serious with jokes thrown in rather then a big joke with serious thrown in. So at first I drew very serious designs for the characters.

Yeah. It's a similar style to my printed comics like ROSE. It didn't fit quite right.

Then, under the encouragements of my partners in crime who loves the Lj's artstyle, I decide to try out a more "cartoony" or "animated" style that can be detailled and serious if needed. I like this result. Things are more flowy. Plus you know... Internet. It's a place of crazyness and fun. A webcomic needs a style that suits the medium. Plus I can really work their expressions this way.

But I really like both styles in a way.... Deciding is HARD!

More sketches of various characters in various styles... )
I'm getting excited about this. Are you guys?

Also, would you prefer serious drawings or cartoony-er?


Fairy Tales

Jan. 3rd, 2010 11:18 pm
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It seems Disney is going back to fairy tales lately (Rapunzel coming out in 2010, The Snow Queen is announced as the next "traditionnally animated" feature, the princess and the frog just came out...). It makes me really happy and makes me want to dive back into fairy tale stories a bit. Yeah, Disney uses clean versions of the tales, but it's still fun to see their adaptation and encourages me to start doing my own again. I looked on the internet for this specific piece of art associated to an Andersen fairy tale. I don't know which tale it is, who the artist is... I just know the image struck me as awesome. I,m not even sure if it's a boy and a girl or two girls in the picture. But I kinda want to write a story for this image. If anyone knows where it's from, please let me know!

Kinda seems like a princess and a traveler no?

Aside from that, I still seem to be having a bit of trouble inspiring myself and motivating myself to draw. Ideas for motivation you guys?

Okay, it's my bedtime. Work starts back tomorrow. Adieu , xmas vacation. You were fun.

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Also, no work until next tuesday starting tomorrow night! :) Mini vacation of doom. My boss made me work for it though.

All you anime lovers, remember the Last Unicorn movie? I so need to find the DvD of that. all I have is the VSH and it's dying on me.

Have a last unicorn fanart, just for fun...

- Isa

p.s. [ profile] lycorne . You. And your Tutu fanart. Damn you. *dies of fandom*
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Aren't they cute? I just finished this little banner in photoshop. It's a "practice run" to get my photoshop skillz back (and they did come back. I am now at the same level of sucking at Photoshop as I was before. *sigh* Link, you gotta teach me some 'toshop moves, please). This drawing is based on season 2 of Avatar. The costumes are.... approximative. I could have gotten some reference shots, but I didn't really feel like it. The fact that Zuko is being walked on doesn't really express any type of specific hatred I have for the character, though I do kinda find him annoying until he decides to turn good (He reminds me of Gargamel...). He's mostly getting walked on because...Well, that's pretty much how I see him getting treated in season two, poor guy. I wanted to do shadows and stuff at first, but since I kinda wanted this to be a banner of such (and therefore small) I flattened out the colors. Mai is my favorite in this banner. The character's styles are inspired by a Quebecois-French comic book called "Les Nombrils" (the bellybuttons). I'm still waiting for book 4 of that series. When? WHEN?

Thanks to everyone for the encouraging messages about ass-to-artists guy. Turns out, he didn't want to pay at all and was shocked I asked. So I terminated my engagement with him permanently. I mean, really? Jerkface. But now I have ideas on how to formulate my contracts better, thanks to you guys.

I've got a few drawing projects I want to get done over the next few weeks. Lo and behold:
-Pages for Slayers Gears (aka Slayers steampunk version)
- Fairy Tale steampunk princesses (because I can biotches)
- Commission for Eveska
- Mini-contrat for person I like (one drawing. Can't kill me.)
- Banner for myself, Flowergirl and earthstar_chan
- Mini-story of BULB GIRL!
- Pages of Rose.
- Pages of Rose.
- Did I mention, pages of Rose?
- a few comics I have ideas for, and of course a few memes I got tagged for (seriously guys, I feel obligated to draw these XD)

-I also plan to sell this painting to a friend: (sexy mermaids mwahahaha)

-And send the Gigaslave Painting to it's buyer. Sorry for the delay Mike, but apparently the post office close to my job doesn't ship international (....I was like....what?)

Am I busy girl or what?
I'm off to Montréal this weekend though. I got a plush bird and I boyfriend I need to torture with it.

Over and Out!


Edit - I really screwed myself over with this Avatar banner. Not that I drew one for season 2, I wanna draw one for season 1 where Yue would be chased by the Gaang, followed by Zuko, Iroh, Zaoh and a big seas spirit of doom. And then i'd have to draw season 3. Gaang in firenation costumes + Suki + Zuko Fleeing a comet Firelord Ozai is riding.
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I have so many pages to scan and photos to post, i'm at the point where i'm performing triage. I think I should just upload the whole thing and update a little everyday. I really think I should tweak my scanner's settings a bit and clean it's window, poor thing. It suffers under my rule.

So yeah, got a few projects done, and finished my last shift yesterday. Whew. I feel good about that. I've been feeling like i'm living in a bookfort lately. I'm reading far too many boring things. Now i'll hopefully have more straight drawing time  (aka 5 hours of it without interruptions! Yippeee!) and time to see friends.

I actually saw my friend tama the other day. Although she's not in the greatest moment of her life right now, she seemed well and it made me feel happy. She even mentionned picking up writting again. Me and Tama have plotted often in the past to create comic stories... Maybe she's got a few storyboards in stores for me!

At home (which is only metaphorically a bookfort), there's a big change a-coming : we are getting rid of our pool. See, we have a in-ground pool at my house. Here's a tip, when you buy a house, avoid those with in-ground pools. Round out-ground pools are easier to manage. In-ground pools...basically if you don't care for them almost everyday they crack and break and become disgusting. Due to my family's rather hectic schedule (and to the fact that me being gone to Toronto for two months didn't make me very available to swin & clean in the said pool) our pool cracked. Turns out it's cheaper to fill it and buy another then fix the in-ground pool. So yeah... Never buy a house with an in-ground pool. Unless you have a pool boy.

My parents emptied out the pool today. Tomorrow, people will come to fill it up. I poked my nose out of a book to go take a walk in my pool....

Aside from that, I finished my neverland cup. For the character of Wendy in my lost girl theme, I designed a "mother" cup that will contain a miniture of neveland "floating" on green tea. The set comes with a green tea pouch I designed. It's very cute I find:

Tea time! )

The cup is obviously a reference to Wendy's victorian setting. The mother word represents how she is a mother for peter but also how she leaves Neverland to be able to be a real mother. Neverland becomes some sort of escapism, lost in her usual routine (the 5'o clock tea).

Gah, all this thinking for lost girl projects makes me want to read Lost Girls by Alan Moore depicting the meeting of Wendy, Alice and Dorothy. Unfortunatly, the graphic novel, no matter how much of an important book is it for comic artists, also happen to be erotic. I've got no problem with the erotic part honestly. I own several borderline erotic graphic novels that I purchased because they were rose stones of graphic art. I mean, if everybody tells you you have to read something because it's part of comic history, you just do it. Besides, reading european comics made me quite used to graphic nudity and sexuality (the french are quite generous in that department). So, it's erotic. That's stil la problem though, because I can't buy it. It's 80$ and since it's erotic, it's impossible to find in a local librairy. To boot, i'd have to order on the web because the comic book shops here don't have to connections to order the book (because it's UK based) and/or can't order erotic materials because they are family oriented. Looks like I won't get to read that for a while. I don't think it's necessary for the evolution of this year's project, but it's definitly something that would have been interesting to check out.

I also rented out a million fairy tale movies and disneys to watch as I work. :)


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No comic today. I've draw a few but they remain mostly incomplete. I really need to sit down and draw something, honestly.

I do however want to share a comic with you :

If you are a disney fan and an alice fan like me, you will LOVE this. Plus the drawings are AWESOME. Just go to the archive (available on the top over the user info) to see the full story. It's cheesy. It's full of diney characters. It's Hatter x Alice and did I mention it's AWESOME?

Fear t3h fluff.

Oh, and Yeah, been having funwith some ink lately. I think I never actually showed you guys any of my ink drawings! Well, here's one, and it's red riding hood themed.


EDIT: Okay. Belle cameo, Hades cameo and Jack friggin' Sparrow CAMEO???? I've been Fangirled!!!!!!!
*new banner pops in user info*


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