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 First off... Another tiny mermaid! Just for you, [ profile] torreadora ! 

Jabberwocky : Those of you who have ordered them, they will be sent out on Wednesday. Currently, in Canada, we have a bit of a Canda Post strike. I'll try to get the books mailed ASAP, but it might take them a day or two longer to reach you. Sorry about that, guys!

Job stuff : So in the following two weeks, I will most likely be working at two different jobs. If I seem a bit absent or busy, that's why. Transitions take time and effort that way! But are totally worth it!

Fanexpo : As some of you may know (if you read [ profile] dqbunny 's LJ too), we'll have a Namesake and print table at Fanexpo in Toronto at the end of August. I'm currently working on creating a lot of prints :D Again, hard work, but worth it! I'll try to have my comic books too. And possibly a plushy surprise with the help of my brother. So far, i'm thinking of having fanart prints of Avatar, Doctor who and Wonder woman. I,ll be sure to have some original stuff too.

Reading : So... I kinda wasted a little a lot of time this week reading comics. I went retro this week and re-read "Sailor Moon" and "Please Save my Earth". Oddly enough, both series are oldies about moon people reincarnating on earth with ESP and magical powers thrown in. Guess it was a theme for the time. I still love both, even though the sheer dysfunctional aspect of the relationships in "Please save my earth" is just ridiculous. I also got my hands on Vera Brosgol's "Anya's ghost". It's quite awesome.  A really good comic to recommend to people (i'm looking at you, [ profile] ichiban_victory )

I mean, just check out this awesome art. The story is quite interesting and creepy too. Good stuff, good stuff.

Finally : I have strange obsessions, things that make people roll their eyes at me. One of them is to have the perfect agenda. My perfect agenda is part weekly planner, part calendar, part notebook, part sketchbook. I've looked for this for a long time, probably because it doesn't exist. BUT, I recently found a couple of websites where you can build your own. I'm thinking this is going to be my last big expense before I switch jobs. My future shifts will probably be a little all over the place, so it's a good idea to have the perfect book to keep tabs on things, amiright?

- Isa

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My brain is WEIRD. Whenever I dream (may it be a nightmare or a good dream), there's always these overly complex plots with character development going on. For instance, yesterday, I had two really elaborate dreams. In the first, I was in the 1920's in a big steampunk-ish city. A songstress had hired me to protect her because a dangerous secret admirer was on the loose. So I was a weird bodyguard/superhero called "Mysteria" that had a purple batman-esque suit. The admirer turned out to be my brother. It was weird.

The second dream I had started in a circus. Two brothers worked there (and they had a serious Alphonse and Ed from Fullmetal Alchemist feel). The circus master decided it was time for the boys to go to school since they were super smart (which pissed off another apprentice that wanted schooling as well), so the brothers got dropped off at this weird academy in a steampunk-ish city (yet again). They make friends with a gloomy girl and a fun-loving boy, who turned out to be a princess in disguise. The brothers ended using their super awesome circus skills and epic smarts to save the princess from being wed to a an epic, sword-gun-canon-thing wielding dark knight.

I'm not really sure what these dreams mean, aside from maybe i'm reading too many comics.

I picked up contracts again. Why? Because I miss working on children's books. My drawing stuff is weird. On one side, i've got my morbid and strange printed comics. On another, i've got my watercolored children illustrations. On another again, I have Namesake, that isn't quite happy or quite creepy. It's like i've got a full range of very different things to draw.


For some reason, the things I love always seem to be either youth literature, or strange, or both. Creepy things can come up in kid's stuff though. Kids like to be scared.

Sketch of a girl and a wolf for said kids drawings. I love the loop in her hair.

- Isa
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 A friend of mine, Valerie, dared me to draw a comic involving a sock puppet and a straw. It gave this. I am either really crazy, or some kind of god of memes. This is also a bit of a musing on a fact I learned when I started living with Link. Boys and Girls really don't have the same levels of stinky. Boy stinky creates zombie!socks.

Valerie also reminded me of this cool video. University of Montréal students did a giant 100 people sip sync of "I Gotta Feeling" that crosses a whole university building and involves various costumes (keep a lookout for Sakespear and Waldo). It's quite the thing to behold. It was so popular on youtube, CNN aired it. It's hilarious. The last little bit in french is a translation of the song.

That's all for today. Enjoy the crazy randomness.

- Isa
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It takes me forever to get my photos on my computer. I'm just lazy that way. It used to take me forever to get my roll of films done too (the worse part is that I actually know how to develpp film myself and have access to facilities to do so.)

My last days in Toronto were very bohemian. The boys (Link, his brother and their roomie Marco, with whom I was living) got kicked out of their appartement on the 25th of june. I needed to stick around until the second of july, so Link bargained with his landlord to let us stay longer. On the first, we moved our stuff to a hotel where I met up with my parents who drove me, Link and his brother Olivier back to Ottawa. From there, Link and Olivier went to Montreal (by bus I suspect).

On the way home we stopped at a place called "Cat world" some place for big felines and predatory animals who got badly treated can rest in between zoos. There was a lot of big kitties there! O_O Such as...

There was also monkey, birds, bunnies, duckings, dogs, chickens, fans, two wolf packs, a wolf cub, lemurs and many, many other big kitties. I didn't feel bad watching them from behing the fence because I knew Cat world was a GOOD zoo who specializes in healing sick animals usually destroyed by other zoos or facilities. 

Also, there was only a fence between me and the guys with the theet. Made me feel good about having a wall between me and them. Let's face it: to them i'm a walking meal. But it's cool to see them anyways. Especially the wolves. I loved the wolves!!! hehehe.

Oh, my parents brought me back a witch hat and shirt from Salem, which they visited during their vacation while I was in Toronto. It's perfect for my harry potter mood.

Kinda reminds me of this drawing actually...


Over and out!

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I'm not used to having cats, and I had to fight a cat to eat a salmon onigiri in peace today. Link, Olivier and Marco, my current "roomates" have a kitty named spice weasel that is a fluffy packet of purring goodness doubled with a subborn streak and sharp teeth. I'm guessing the cat doesn't see me as an challenge.

For those who wonder, the internship itself is going well. I like what i'm doing and I like sharing an appartement with Link and his brother and friend. The main problem i'm facing right now is that the boys plan on moving the 25 th of june... Aka 5 days before I end my internship on the first of july. Shit.

I now have to find a place in which I can live for the last five days... I asked a good friend if she could help me. She didn't get back to me yet. Everyone on the list who knows someone in toronto, maybe you could put in a good word for me? I just need a place to crash for a few days, a couch will do fine, I can pay expenses and can also draw for shelter. ^^ 

On a happier note, Toronto as lots and lots of places that sell yummy japanese food. Huummm.

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Dear gods, can you believe i'm not dead?

Yeah, I know. I haven't updated in a zillion years. But I've been busy and my scanner died. But then, like[personal profile] savvyliterate 's fish, it lived a gain. The light inside it seems to be having a hard time. Yesterday, I realised that I was rather pathetic for I was pleading with it saying "Oh baby, do it for mama, don't die on me!"

So yeah. Dying scanner = bad for school work and internet updates. It seems okay now, and hopefully it will remain in that stasis.

Exam week has begun. I only have two exams, but I have a pile of essays and a photo project to finish before the 14th. One of my exams got done today. The next is on monday. I'm not too stressed. At this point, it's fairly easy...Or i'm too tired to notice and just feel like it's all easy. Oh well. One way or another, I feel peaceful XD

I've been also preparing interviews this week for my internships. I'm headed to Toronto on the 17th, to see Link of course, but also to get myself hired as an intern in an art business for the summer. Internships are mandatory in my program. Gotta do them. I'm glad though, because the places I found look really cool and i'm pretty confident one of them will hire me ^_^

I was a bit confused earlier. I gave a note to my boss saying I could not work from the 17th to the 28th of december because i'm going to Toronto and then Qu├ębec city to visit my family. Which is not too bad considering I just work weekends. Although, for some odd reason, she scheduled me to work next week...only on the 17th. I think she misunderstood. I traded the shift, so there's no problem...But still. Everytime I give her a note, it's like she doesn't understand it, or she discards all the info on it and gives me no work for a certain amount of time. She's nice, but I think the blond dye she uses is seeping into her skull.

I need a cut and dye myself. I look like the return of shag. I'm planning to get one soon...on the 15th, so I don't look like crap during my interviews.

For those who wonder: Yes, there will be x-mas comics. I'm also working on some x-mas presents for a few of my friends ^_^ One of them asked for a painting for xmas, and nothing else. I hate when they do that! Pressure...Must...Not...Suck.

Alright, time for bed I think. Tomorrow I need to go take photographs and finish essay number 1. 

- secondlina

p.s. 1 :
And last but not least, all this Harry Potter craze is getting to me, so I drew:

I love Luna! I love the actrice they picked for her! (SO cute!) ...Ah and POTC2 is out. *Drools* Cap'n Jack Sparrow.
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Yes, I know. I'm a very negative girl. So much that sometimes it annoys me as much as everybody else. I know my dark clouds are a bit hard to take. So i'd like to take a second to thank people.

Do anybody know the legend of Tam lin? It's a scottish tale about a man so brave he was loved by the faery queen herself. However, the man already had a girfriend that wanted him back so hse went to defy the queen. She won him back by holding him tight while the queen changed him into a series of terrifying monsters.

Sometimes I feel like Tam lin. Like my life is turning me into a bit confused, depressed selfish monster. I will lash out at however is close to me then. I will sink my claws in them and hurt them.

And yet, these people do now let go. They hold me tight until I stop transforming into a monster.

Tama, Fauve, Sofi, Wesley, Sarae, Julie, Isabelle, Pascal...and even you guys that i've met here on the web (ichiban, yukiomoni, earthstar)...and even Kevin and the other pascal...and so much other people. And my family. Despite it all I love you so. I love how some of you have the unwielding faith in what I can do, and in my drawing capacities even when I do not. I love how when my own darkness is crushing me, you stand by me.

You won't let me fall. 

And I wonder what thing I did to deserve such good karma.

Hell, i'd do it again.

I,ll try to be less negative now, i'll try to let your love erase from my soul the bad memories that seem to make my drown.

Thanks guys.

p.s. I finally changed my icons for a set of icons with the same character (more or less) I chose librairian Lina's and a character called Lena from Secrets of Sorcerers to represent me. I like Lena because she looks like a short haired Lina. Just like me I suppose. I also have two icons that I will use for Rpg related-updates and I've kept the stripteasing  zelgadiss icon to mark fanart related posts. I'v also kept my original icon, that I love and adore and will never delete.

Because,'s fashionnable.
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Yeah, if a picture is worth a thousand words, a comic is worth a thousand multiplied by the number of panels, divided accordingly to the number of lines, in addition to the number of words calculated as a fraction with the number of bubbles.

aka comic make things clear.

Lately i've been shamefully indulging two of my greatests addictions, my boyfriend and my comic collection. First of all, i've purchased several books, including the megatokyo volumes. For those who do not know, megatokyo is an online comic found at that is just crackalicious. It's good humour. Really. Read it if you don't already know it. The drawings aren't the greatest i've ever seen, but the story is good. it's about two hardcore gamers stuck in tokyo with no money, where L33T ninjas, rent-a-zillas, darkly cute goth girls, frilly killer girls and zombies roam. My kind of town, basicly. 

Some might wonder why I purchased the books rather then just read it online for free. Well, it's fun to support the artist and I always have preffered reading things off a hard copy (I sometimes print my favorite fanfiction even)

As for my boyfriend, well, Link (as he calls himself online) is leaving soon for two years in Toronto (in 4 days to be accurate) so I'm trying to spend as much time as I can with him until then. For those who still wonder (and ask in emails) yes, Link and I ARE staying together. It's not a prank, and it's gonna be a long distance relantionship. No, I don't think we will change our minds again. It's the real deal here folks.

Secondlina happy ^_^

Work wise, as the comic shows, i've been coming in a bit on the dot. Link lives relativly far from me even know, so it's a lot of traveling to get from his house (where I usually am as of late) to my job (that is right next to my house) In any case, all this traveling is wearing me off a bit, and i'm a total klutz as work right now (I "broke" - or helped with breaking - an ice cap machine, spilled some yogourt, killed some donuts, splashed my uniform, almost cracked a coofee pot, splashed a customer, dropped sugar and made a knife do some summersaults.) People should just send me home.

Home work wise, my house is a wreck because i'm gone most of the time and my brothers do almost nothing. It's a bit sad.

Drawing wise, i'm getting back in the groove. I'm actually thinking of making a humoristic slayers compilation of all the 3 or 4 pagers I drew of slayers during all these years. I'll most likely advertise it here, and on the slayers community. If I decide to do it, it will be a sold doujin, for a modest price, with shipping. I'm still wondering if it's a good idea, but these slayers jokes are really good. Well worth the effort. I'd still need a name for it though. I was thinking of slayers replica or something.

Tomorrow I work night shift. Damn it.


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