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This is a commission. Someone asked me to draw Toph and Mai from "Avatar the last airbender". Who are both very, very awesome. At first I was going to draw them all action-posed, but Mai and Toph are the type of rich, badass chicks that just kinda like to chill. So here they be, chillin'.

It's almost Christmas, you guys! Today I need to clean my apartment, wrap presents and finish Namesake pages! I bought a lot of sugar and gingerbread cookies to add some cheer in my belly. And have have wrapping paper featuring jolly dancing santas. So all in all, I gotta say I have the spirit this year. :D

- Isa

I'm back!

Dec. 27th, 2010 10:32 pm
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 Hello again, people! I've been away from my house (and my computer) for about 4 days now. Took me a while to catch up on my f-list and webcomics! Haha! I went to visit my family in Ottawa and then Québec city. It was mostly fun. A bit of oddness on my father's side of the family, but generally, I had fun. And it was a nice drawing/computer/stressing about my life break. I did a few non-serious doodles like this one :

It kinda gave me an idea for a new type of painting I want to do. My watercolors used to be isolated fairy tale themes in large negative spaces. I kinda want to try to do pieces where the whole space is filled with motifs. Complicated, color and ink motifs. Yeah, that's going to rock!

For Christmas, my parents gave me a red wii (by the by, wii players on my f-list, I need game suggestions), some comics, a few movies and some clothing. Not to mention an EPIC jewelry box. It's huge! And some red pajama bottoms to replace my old purple ones that are beginning to look old (I wear those on weekends. Yes, i'm an artist with no class, but my butt is comfortable!) Awwww. I suspect my mom was reading thru my lj for ideas. Sneaky mom. Real sneaky. I approve.

And now i'm back home. With some homemade food, opened presents and good news. My new glasses came in, so I can go pick them up tomorrow. Finally. Comfort for my brain! My brain will be as happy as my butt!

Link got good news too. He didn't follow me in my yule time traveling because he got himself a second interview for a job as a game designer. And pretty much all he as to do to get the job is to create a document to show his capacities. According to him, the document pretty much wrote itself, so he's pretty positive about the whole thing! I'm hoping he'll get the job. Go boyfriend, go!

 Time for sleep now methinks. I barely slept all week. And I ate so much. I think i'm still digesting stuff from the first day. 

Fat, happy isa needs sleep.

Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr *falls asleep*

- Isa
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I think 2010 was a good year for me. Not the best, but good. I grew as a person. I went thru some good and bad stuff. I made new friends, lost old ones, kept good ones. But even the ones I lost are good people. I'm just not compatible with them anymore. there's no hatred though. I've got friends that love me, support me when i'm grouchy-mc-grouchypants and I got to talk to amazing artists that I adore... I even got to talk to some of my heroes. It's been a good year for me for that. And I got really better at inking. And of course, I have the most amazing significant other and parents I could ask for.

For 2011, I want to do more. I want to see all my friends. I want to develop as an artist like never before. I want to try new things. I want to get away as much as possible from the dark spot in my brain. I think i'll never get rid of the depression. It's always there. Like this black spider spreading thru my cranium, and everything it touches rots. I think i'm too much like my father. I'm going to get foul moods and be disappointed about life as much as he is. But i'm going to try to do my best to drown it in love and happiness.

In 2011, i'm going to publish books, and read books, and be the person I want to be. Because i'm tired of being my own worse enemy. And i'm buying an agenda to keep track of things and make sure I talk to everyone regularly. So, once again, thanks guys. Even if all you do is silently check out my art, I really appreciate it. I appreciate your kind words, your hilarious encouragements and that fact that you people, and many other people in "real life" are helping me become a better artist and person. Those of you in close proximity? We are SO going to have coffee together this year. At least once. WATCH ME DO IT.

I feel all my posts lately are "I'm doing this, and I love you guys". But this is really how I feel right now.

I will not be useless.

One last cool drawing before I go! I really pushed myself inking and coloring wise for this, and I have a ton of fun drawing it. It's foxikun's characters Nor and Harriet, a fairy and an orc. I love their colorful, imperfect designs. So I went nuts. See the lineart here.

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This drawing is for YOU, [ profile] angelchan_2004 ! It's Aang and Katara hugging with winter coats. I always loved hugging my boyfriend when I was wearing a coat because it was always extra squishy and comfortable. So yeah! Aang has wool on his coat. Little detail, just like that.

If it's not obvious, i'll be continuing with this whole gift-art thingy past the holidays. I just had way too much to draw to finish them all before hand. :D

I'm going to be offline starting tomorrow for a few days, since i'm running off to see my family in Ottawa and then my extended family in Quebec city. But it's the hoidays. I think most people will be busy, eating, being guilt-tripped by a family member, drinking, playing with toys and younger family members, decorating trees, painting cookies, watching snowflakes, drinking coffee, skating, driving, wondering why there's so much people on the bus, working, dreaming, sleeping, smiling and crying BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT THE HOLIDAYS ARE ALL ABOUT, AMIRIGHT?

Seems a lot of people go thru as much bad as good during the holidays. Maybe it's because everyone is stressed. Maybe it's because some people just have horrible family situations. Maybe because that's just human nature.

But at least from me, you'll all get hot cocoa and a warm hug for the holidays. Because I love the lot of you! *huuuugs*

Best Holidays to all. Ad if your holidays aren't quite so fun for some reason, remember that you still have next year, and friends that love you!

I sent emails to a few people I know have been offline for a bit due to the season and the things to do. So if you guys stumble on this post, consider yourself HUGGED TWICE.

- Isa
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Okay! I'm starting a little something I tried to do last year. It's basically a bit gift-of-sketches for the holidays to my f-list.

I'm basically going to do a little sketch for the people on my f-list as a Christmas gifts and just because you guys are so awesome. There's a few ground rules though.

1) Not everybody will get a sketch. This is mostly for my f-list. So if you aren't on it and I don't know you, you probably won't be getting one (i'm sorry! Thanks for reading anyways! I feel kinda cruel now...)

2) These are gifts, meaning that I get to choose what I want to draw. This is not an open book for requests, unless I ask you what you want directly.  I'm mostly putting this rule down because this is the reason I didn't try this last year. First person I told asked for specific drawings and got angry when I said I wanted to choose the subject. Needless to say, this person is no longer on my list. However, chances are, if i'm well-aware of what your favorite fandom is, you're getting what you want! :D

3) Some sketches will be more finished then others, some might even be colored. It doesn't mean I love some people more. It just means I felt like coloring that sketch.

So, first Christmas sketch goes to [ profile] chameleon9999  - Some Vidia and Prilla art! Because you mentioned not finding enough! I hope you like it!

I don't draw many female duos/couples despite a large amount of friends asking me to. I wonder why? I seem pretty good at it.

I also drew the Tangled sketch I really like of Rapunzel and Flynn hanging out in the forest. I might finish it. I rather like it. I'm a little frustrated because I find these characters so hard to draw. Their designs are actually quite simple. Maybe it's looking at all the awesome Glen Keane art and the amazing fanarts that makes me frustrated. Those artists and their obvious epic superiority! *shakes fist*

In other news, I think I may need to spend on winter gear YET AGAIN. I think my body produces no heat or something. Winter kills me every year. I get sick all the time and I get massive frostbite. It snowed for the past two days and it made me realize that no matter how good my winter gear is, it's not good enough! The skin on my legs is all damaged, despite leggings, thick jeans and leg warmers. What's a girl to do? I need a coat made out of polar bears who swallowed microwaved sunlight, or SOMETHING. Or I need to move to Florida. I wonder if they have work there? Probably not. Economy is pretty horrible. But at least it would be cheap to buy a house, unlike in Montréal.

I'm starting to think about buying a condo eventually. I'm hesitating between having a house and a condo since it's pretty much impossible to have a house in the city. So I have to choose between not having a yard and driving 45 minutes every morning. Not I kinda understand why my parents were living in the suburbs (as a teen I hated all the bus rides).

- Isa

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Christmas shopping is NOT the exception. I tried to start early and get it done ASAP. I still try to find cool gifts though ( I don't buy silly whatevers for the sake of having a gift).  And of course, I'll be drawing a ton of gifts too. :D For secret santas and just because I wuv you guys.

I'm somewhat dissatisfied with myself. For some reason, I set really high standards for myself and pretty much punish myself for not reaching them. I manage to feel like a giant friendless loser who accomplishes nothing while at the same time feeling like the world's busiest and well-loved budding artist. It's like my brain is composed of two people. Considering i'm a Gemini that's part artist and part administrative monkey, maybe there IS two people in my brain. And oh, the conversations they must have. 

Christmas decorations make me happy. I don't really have room for a tree, but I totally want a bunch of christmas ornaments to hand around (especially glass ones). 

I'm looking for new stuff to try eating. Suggestions? Mostly, I want tea flavors.

Man I love food.

- Isa


Nov. 19th, 2010 10:19 am
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Animated features should beat Harry Potter!

As said yesterday, i'm going to be gone all weekend. I probably won't get to check Lj posts. So, if you can't reach me all weekend, that's why! don't do anything interesting without me (like taking over the internet!)

Oddly enough, one Deviant art again (and here) my art got compared to Dr Seuss once more. I really need to go check out Dr Seuss' books. I mean, i've seen the "Grinch" animated movie, which is kinda like Seuss' style but I don't see a resemblance. Maybe i'll see it more when I check out he books?

In other news - Link finally got an interview for a position in a video game company! I'm also applying to positions in other video game companies for 2D artists. Wish us luck. I'm making a tiny portfolio on "carbonmade" for the occasion.

Oh gosh, I watched the Nostalgia critic's two videos on top 11 Christmas specials (so 22 films, really). I got hit by such a wave of Nostalgia. Man! Some of my favorites were "Frosty the Snowman" and the Muppet's Christmas carol and Garfield's Christmas movie. The critic had also included South Park's "Critters Christmas". That made me laughs. That's a South Park episode I never tired of.

Yeah, I watch South Park. It's one of my guilty pleasures! I didn't actually like the show in it's first 5 seasons (when it relied on toilet humor). Nowadays, it's more of a social critique geared at mocking society and offending pretty much every social group in existence. It's cruel, rude satirical fun. I know a lot of you aren't into shows like that. But I really like this one. I'm really amused by the latest storyline with the kids dressing up as superheroes. That was hilarious!

Gark. I posted almost everyday this week. Yet, I drew no comics, neither for Namesake or here. I really gotta concentrate on comic-making. I'm such a fickle artist. Boooooo.

- Isa
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So I finally caved and decided to re-open my deviant art account. Yes, I know, those of you who know me well remember my deviant art rants. But give or take, deviant art is one of the best places for an artist to advertize on the internet. So I swallowed my pride and re-opened one.

Too bad I can't remember how this thing works at all. Damn it.

For now, there's nothing in it. I don't really know what i'll put in. Probably some comics, maybe some fanart, for sure some Waldo x Carmen. I still need to show you guys some of that. Maybe some avatar, obviously some Slayers...  I'd like to be able to be noticed on Deviant art. I'm an attention whore, I know.

For those of you who would like to add me to your friends on deviant art, i'm secondlina on there too.

Don't have a drawing right now. So check out this one. It's been drawn by Link. And colored too. I think he's much better at photoshop than me... It's inspired by the artist Klimt (one of my favorites) and a dancing video on youtube. Originally done as a present for me.

Oh well, back to work I guess. Tonight I need to finish some pages on Rose (i'm finally up to the inking process for some of them. I miss inking.) and I might draw something else. But you guys, the Avatar Box sets are VERY counter productive. *laughs* Oh, I need to buy food too. Isa need food.

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^_^ Luv and hugs and all those mushy things to you all.

No, i,m not dead ^_^ It's just been an odd couple of days. For those who wonder, I did get my internship in Toronto. I start on the 6th of may ^_^ woo.
Now i'm back in Ottawa, but tomorrow i'm going to Quebec to visit my grandmother and extended family. Link is here with me right now, since he came to Ottawa to visit his family. ^_^

I know I mentionned I would do a xmas comic, but then I din't, by lack of time and ideas. Although, now that i'm a bit more in the spirit, and watched like 3 scrooge movies, included the muppet's, I started getting ideas. So i'm wondering: do you guys still want me to do a xmas series, even if it will probably only appear online after new years?

Again, happy holidays, and please forgive my long silence XD I promise to speak up more after teh holidays.

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Another Chrismas doodle. Right there! You can feel the chrismas spirit rising! I like the firlting expression in the picture...Zelgadiss just realised scarfs make great presents.

I'm going to go finish my chrismas shopping today...then I need to study some more...accounting exam in 2 days! >_<

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Yes, I know I should not be doing this considering all the pending exams, doujinshis and drawings I need to do but hell, once in a while it's good to take those things, put them in a box, lock the box, leave it in a crypt and run like hell. So, here's a drawing I made, just for kicks, and also to prove to someone that no, I did not forget where the photoshop buttons were.

I've got another one with amelia and zel in the works. This one is lina and gourry, disney styled (that's not an idea stolen from anybody at all *cough* yeah, you know who you are...)


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