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okay...I'm not doing too bad though. My goal was to finish these for sunday night. I have EIGHT pages left. Hear  that? The sound of imminent victory. EIGHT. FRIKKING. PAGES. LEFT. And Rose will be all drawn out.

After that I still need to scan and clean them up, but i'm hoping I can do that monday-tuesday night, thus getting stuff ready for my editor to go thru them on wednesday.

By the by, what do you guys think of these small texts for my bio/description of Rose. please let me know. I can't write worth a damn.

(the texts are short because they will be bilingual)

BIO: Isabelle Melancon is a young french-canadian artist who loves strange things, fairy tales and comics passionately. She is an avid reader of american comics, Europeen comics and manga and likes to mix those styles together in her own drawings. She strongly believes there is more then one way to tell a story and feel that comics and illustrations are the ideal way for her to do so.

DESCRIPTION: Inspired by the famous play of Romeo and Juliet, Rose is a comic that illustrates through a strange metaphore the depression and acceptance of a young girl suffering from a suddent heartbreak.

Yeah, these kinda suck. Help me, oh english people...


And hey, a little fairy tale painting for you guys, because you rock (it's a study from one of my larger paintings)

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Okay - Old contract person tells me he really needs me to refinish old drawings on a contract completed 4 months ago. Sure. I say yes. Then he tells me it's mega urgent. So I get it done on the same day. THEN he expresses how he dislikes the refinish I did and asks me to change things in the image that litterally calls for me to re-draw it. FINISH the job at 4am this morning. Goes into work half-asleep. Sent Invoice and drawing. Guy sends back drawing asking for more changes and claims he will not pay me since I only re-tweaked a drawing and it  (and I quote) *Can't possibly take that long*

*Isa brain twitch*

Should I -
  • Try to explain to him that I require payment and that I had to re-draw the thing and that I won't do any other changes before he pays me.
  • Tell him politly to keep this drawing since he already has it and doesn't want to pay me but that I won't make any more changes or deal with him again due to this attitude he has and has had in the past.
  • Tell him to stick the drawing where the sun don't shine and never deal with him again.
One of the reasons I decided to pause my contract work was because I was tired of dealing people who think making a drawing is like typing a word document. OBVIOUSLY, it takes FIVE SECONDS and if you don't like an inked section, you can just hit the backspace button and ink it again! Yooooweeeeeh! Drawing is, after all, a portal to a magical land where no work is required to create something that looks exactly how it does in your head!

Fuck this guy.

Have some Slayers Fluff to counter-balance my foul mood.


p.s. I'm aware that i'm exagerating and that he's not that bad but iv'e had 2 hours of sleep, my REAL boss is riding my ass and this guy just sent me five emails asking when i'm gonna be done when I clearly told him I am at work and cannot complete this task. He's a moron.
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It was a pretty horrible day yesterday. The day before I had workd 13 hours to finish preparing an event at work. So I dragged in myself for another day of work bright and early on tuesday morning despite that. It was a pretty bad day. One of those days where you feel deeply bored & tired but you have a ton of work to do and you kinda fight the sweet sweet sleep all day long. I also walked all the way to a clinic to get my Health insurance card renewed only to be told then even though I had all the required documents, I needed the letter they sent me to prove that they asked me to renew it. It doesn't matter if the card is clearly saying it's expiring, i'm obviously cheating. I really need this card to go to the dentist now... my teeth hurt....

General lots of work, little sleep and technology failling on me didn't help. My work computer went boom. I just discovered my answering machine hasn't worked in a month.

Can I use MSN on a mac? My home pc has been down for a month and I miss online chatting. I have IM but I have more people on MSN. Is it possible to integrate both on ichat?

Oh, and the best part about yesterday - woman bitching about our phone message being bilingual with french first. We are in Ottawa, so obviously english should go first, according to her. Since she lives on the Quebec side, she whined that she had to DEAL with french first all the time and that she was amazed and outraged that she also had to deal with french first in Ottawa. Because after all, french is a horrible, horrible language. Long story short, she left a pretty bad and angry  message describing to us why using french in Ottawa FIRST is bad because french is useless since obviously, nobody speaks it in Ottawa and we just keep it for appearances and it should always come in second. Or not at all. Because she added that it made our message long and annoying.

Never mind that everyone in the office in french canadian. Yes, nobody was offended by this. At all.


MAN, I miss spending a whole day JUST PAINTING. Need a break from B.S. and a hug.



Feb. 9th, 2009 10:32 pm
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WHY does this keep HAPPENING!?

I visit the SAME GOD DAMN WEBSITES i've been visiting for the past three years from which I never got viruses and I got 3 viruses in the last 3 months.

God. Damn. It!


*is annoyed*

No comic. No scanner. E-ffing viruses.

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Great, I caught a virus. Or rather, my poor PC Hermes did. The virus pretty much raped the computer's insides and left me pc-less. I still have my labtop, a mac, which allows me to do my work, but now my scanner, printer and graphic tablet are offline due to the fact that I only have installation cds for windows. Not for macs.


I'm very angry.

Well, a friend agreed to come and take a look and fix the said PC this weekend. So at least that's good. *moan*

Oh, a few people asked me what I wanted for x-mas. Honestly? I would love some fanfics! I'm a crummy writer, so I love other people's good stuff. *laughs* I'm open for fanfics involving : Disney's Alice, Wall-e, Slayers, Futurama, Secondlina's Panel's characters, fairy tales, Howl's moving Castle, Full metal Alchemist or even...Waldo and Carmen Sandiago XD



Dec. 23rd, 2005 10:20 am
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I hope everybody else's holiday is going well, mine is taking a turn for the worse.My mother is stressed because we are going to visit relatives, so she and my dad keep fighting. Also, she sneaked into my room and emptied out my tiny suitcase to replace it by a huge hockey bag she stuffed with odd combination of clothes that actually match. I got mad at her for doing that, figures only my mother is able to turn a 4 day worth suitcase into a 30 day truckload.

I told I agree with the idea of dressing nicely to visit people, but i'de rather dress in my style of nicely. It's family for pete's sake. What are we trying to do? Pretend we are somebody else? Think we are better then them?

Then she told me my style putted her to shame. I then slammed the door and have spent the day in here ever since...

Figures, a holiday with my mother can turn a proud 20 year old into a 15 year old again.

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Something horrible has happened yesterday and the day before that on my campus. An art student was threatened with a knife and molested on the bus trip home, another art student was murdered with a knife and a medical science student was stabbed to death in her own appartement on victoria street. The last murder was horribly withnessed by her neigbhors who called the police and her boyfriend who heard her scream on the phone. She was stabbed 20 times in the chest, throat and face.

The murderer of the last case was arrested, hopefully all the others are his fault too...

Two Algonquin college students close by were also shot.

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I'm not really in a good mood. And I unfortunatly don't have a better drawing to post then this "book of spells" screencap I find cool.

I'm sick of people in general right now, hyocritical bastards...I feel like everybody I talk to in school is currently going "Me, me, me, me" about their problems and then they look at me and go "So, are you gonna help me or what?" I kinda feel used in a general way. I don't really want people to suddently pay an immense attention to how i'm feeling or what not (it's never really been an issue, I like my feelings private) but i'de really like them to stop using me as a exam and life answer book. My mother says I should be grateful that people come to me for advice. I don't mind giving advice, but I do mind people that dump all the teamwork on me and leave me alone in a bad situation with a potentially rabid guy.


Isa, the carpet. Wipe your feet upon me.

On a brighter note (forcing myself to do some, or i'm gonna get REALLY negative), my photo work is improving greatly subject wise. I'm really starting to do some interesting stuff with light and objects. I think it did me some good to work without human subjects for a while. I'm starting to produce things like abstract paintings. Psychadelic.

I don't like abstract usually, but I like the one i'm producing as of late. Odd.


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 Well, first of all, this was a weird day. Some people who read this might recall a certain someone that used to be my friend before she went wacko with psychological paranoia and started accusing me of things. I was then forced to let go of our friendship by fear of having cops sunk on me daily and of having her odd family destroy my living room every so often. I then realised she was in my school this year, in one of my classes no less, and yet everytime she saw me she ran away like thunder just fell right before her. It's kindoff a bad situation considering we had been friends since we were 5 and now she was looking at me like I had an alien ass growing out of my skull.

Well, today my friends, she spoke. To me no less.

We were alone on the same bus stop, I saw her coming and was ready for another good hour of being ignored when she suddently complimented me on my (now orange) hair and how it went well with my green hat. O_O Woah! Did hell just freeze over? We then talked for about an hour and she asked for news about all our old commun friends and we talked about school and even about my drawings which she insisted on seeing.

We were talking like we never had stopped talking. I know, maybe something weird is up, and maybe she's trying to manipulate me in something, I mean, it has been a year since we last spoke... but I still found it nice to be able to act friendly around her again.

Other then that...Does anybody out there know the tv show "House"? Don't you just think House is the coolest asshole that ever lived?

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  I WOVE you frodo!

Okay, yesterday I got reminded of something I also though was odd in the fan world: Slashies or fan service gay relantionships. It's not that I have something against gay couples, a lot of people in my class are gay and I love talking to them. I also appreciate gay couplings in certain books are series such as strangers in paradise, runaways, buffy and xena. Slashies annoy me because of two things:

a) They are imaginary.

b) It's just not a gay relantionship.

Slashies are imaginary. In series such as slayers, a lot of people coupled zelgadiss with xelloss. I though that point of view was interesting so I watched slayers looking for any trace of Yaoi I could encounter and all I saw was zelgadiss pissed off. I know that whole "you hurt the ones you love routine" but usually when you choose that routine there's an evolution to be noted in the characters closenest as well (aka, stuck in more situations together) which never happens with zel/xel since xelloss teleports in and out of stuff all the time and usually close to Lina, the heroine. Not to mention there's a limit to hurting the ones you love routine. I kinda draw the line at wanting to grin their bones. Not to mention zelgadiss falls in the blushaton everytime amelia falls on him. Now, I admit that certain entertainement pushes fan service to the max and makes slashies hard to not consider (has anyone else seen the return of the king? The loooong meaningful looks) but it's still imaginary. If you read the book, there is no gay relantionship at all. It's simply a strong bond that the director of the movie was a moron in adapting. I congratulate people that create slashies, it prouve that they have a lot of imagination for one, and also, what's the use of being a fan when you write fanfics if you can't play it around a bit? I just don't like when people make official couplings out of it when those clearly don't exist. Fan coupling, yes. Official coupling...noooo. I mean, if you love slashies, there's some perfectly good gay stories out there that I reccommend like nothing else. All yuri fans, hell, all gay story fans, grab yourself a copy of strangers in paradise from Terry moore right this second. It's a homosexual relantionship like you've never seen it...

And it is, because manga does a shitty job in portraying gay relantionship. Manga portrayes it like fans see it: as an imaginary thing. Why? Because in a lot of Yaoi, one of the characters looks like a girl, acts like a girl and needs to be protected like a girl. Yaoi in japan is basicly an excuse for writting a sappy story. Well, at least commercial yaoi is. More underground manga have a very interesting yaoi collection that explores the depts of being in that kind of relantionship, because it's not like an heterosexual relantionship. Homosexual relantionships aren't always accepted everywhere, where as heterosexual yes, hence in partriarcal societies like japan, being gay is probably not as fun as in the commercial yaoi. It can be stressful. I find interesting books that explore at the same time how gay relantionships are similar to heterosexual relantionships, and yet different and how it can be confusing for the characters to mistake it with certain things like Doseiai (a renoun feeling in japan that unites two women in perfect harmony and trust, but that aren't gay. They have a very strong complicity and express their feelings strongly. It's a loving relantionship.)

Okay, well, that's my rant for today. I say people, demand good yaoi. The kind that is sensible, well plotted and if possible, dosen't include an idol (aaargh, why are they always idols?)


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