Mar. 8th, 2013

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I finished the cover for the Namesake book 1 (Hardcover version). Well, I finished the inking anyways! This version, unlike the softcover, is a wrap-around cover. took quite a while to ink, but I find the results are stupendous.

Sorry for being so quiet you guys... I sorta feel out of it. I feel like I need a break. I feel like i've got nothing to talk about, not that much motivation left... Even talking about Namesake grosses me out. I think i'm a bit tired of always working. It's probably time for a big-ass vacation soon. I'm not depressed or anything. I just feel overly tired, and like there's a zillion little obstacles to deal with all the time. I don't really feel like talking or typing. Like everything requires energy I don't really have anymore.

But I still work, and my work still looks good, so it's just something to trudge thru until I can get some time off and breathe a little.

Today is the international women day (as dictated by the UN). So, a good day to read comics done by amazing ladies. :)

Oh, re-watched Wreck it Ralph. Still love it. Although kudos to Disney for making a genuinely distressing villain. Holy cow.  


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