Feb. 1st, 2013

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Life is a bit weird lately...

On the positive side, the kickstarter just got over 400 people, so i'm happy! I'm making plans to rebuilt my portfolio using a wordpress platform, so I can include a copy of this blog on it (in case LJ dies). I'm also designing Namesake ads for the future advertisement push, and the ads are made of pure badass. I took it easy a bit this week and enjoyed Hotel Transylvania, which was better and cuter then expected!

On the negative side, I can't shake off this sick feeling i'm having. Everyday, I always feel weakish and sickly, and I keep getting nightmares. I'm thinking it's stress, but stress doesn't usually do this to me. Link is in a bad spot, since he was let go from work yesterday (nothing to do with his performance though, it was a company structure/budgeting thing). Work is a bit weird on my side too. It's not bad, but it feels a bit... off? Like there's so many unhappy people at work that it's rubbing off on me. 

I'm glad my personal life and art life is lively (all my friends are wonderful)! But i'm a bit worried about my health and about money for our household for the next months. I think we'll do fine, but if one of us is jobless, it always adds a bit of uncertainty. 

For some reason, the mood i'm in makes me want to re-watch old movies like Star wars...

- Isa


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